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What do we listen to on Valentine's Day ? Here is the playlist of the best love songs

This Valentine's Day, nothing better than a playlist of the best love songs!

Valentine's Day, celebrated on February 14, is a day that celebrates ;love. Decried for being a simple commercial celebration for some, for others it is an opportunity to express themselves & agrave; through romantic gestures, thoughtful gifts and sweet words. And why not do it even better, in music ? Love songs serve as a soundtrack to your music this day.

For centuries, love songs have been popular. the universal language of affection and passion. They are often used to express what words alone cannot always convey, with poetic lyrics and captivating melodies that create an atmospheric atmosphere. very romantic. Whether gentle ballads, passionate serenades or bold declarations of love, the diversity ; Love Songs offers something for every couple, whatever their style or love story. All in all languages.

Valentine's Day is a special occasion when love songs take on particular importance. Whether you have planned a romantic candlelit dinner, an evening of dancing or a tea-and-tea party You are with your loved one, or even if you have decided to do so. to do nothing, by choice or not, do it to music! To help you among the ocean of romantic titles, here is our playlist of the best love songs. 

What are the most beautiful love songs?

  • Still Loving You – Scorpions
  • Don't leave me– Jacques Brel
  • Halleluyah – Jeff Buckley
  • Hymn à love – Edith Piaf
  • I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

The playlist of the best love songs

The Top 10 of the best love songs

1. Still Loving You – Scorpions

Still loving You is the success that reveals the German hard rock band Scorpions in General public. Released in 1984 on the album Love at First Sting, this ballad, declaration of love from a man to his heart. the woman who has just left him, is ranked 43 weeks in the French charts and 56 weeks in the American charts. An essential title in the middle of the eighties.

Lyrics: Time, it needs time To win back your love again I will be there I will be there Love, only love Can bring back your love someday I will be there I will be there Fight, babe, I'll fight To win back your love again I will be there I will be there Love Only love Can break down the wall someday I will be there I will be there.

2. Don't leave me – Jacques Brel

Don't leave meis the title that truly launched Jacques Brel's career in 1959. In the form of a plea, the song evokes the loss of dignity of a person. of a man for the love of a woman. If Brel’s interpretation has a lot to do with it, other versions, such as that of Nina Simone, will magnify on the international stage this work that has remained so popular. Worship and singing in over 15 languages around the world.

The lyrics: Don't leave me/We must forget/Everything can be forgotten/Who is already running away?/Forgetting time/Misunderstandings/And wasted time/Knowing how/Forgetting those hours/Which sometimes killed/Because of why/The heart of happiness/Don't leave me

3. Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

&Written and first performed by Leonard Cohen, Hallelujahreleased in 1984 on the album Various Positions. Using the metaphor of sexual love, the song was the subject of multiple covers but became cult in 1994 with the ultra-sensitive interpretation of Jeff Buckley on his album Grace. When Cohen died in 2016, Hallelujah reignited the charts and ranked at number one. 59th place on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and à 12th place in digital sales.

Lyrics: I heard there was a secret chord/That David played and it pleased the lord/But you don't really care for music, do you/Well it goes like this/The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift/The baffled king composing hallelujah/Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah…

4. Hymn à love – Edith Piaf

It came out in 1950 and yet has never been so well done! Written and performed by Edith Piaf, Hymne à l’amour is dedicated to his current passion, the boxer Marcel Cerdan. A woman's affair, since the music is by Marguerite Monnot. In addition to Piaf’s memorable interpretation, the title has been repeated many times on the international scene. In 2016, the BVA polling institute designated Hymne à l’amour "French-speaking love song" favorite of the French.

Lyrics: The blue sky may collapse on us/And the earth may collapse/I don't care if you love me/I don't care about the whole world/As long as love will flood my mornings/As long as my body quivers under your hands/I don’t care about the problems/My love, since you love me hellip;

5. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

If it's an essential hit of the 10 most beautiful love songs, it's good I Will Always Love You, masterfully interpreted by Whitney Houston in 1992 for the film “Bodyguard”, where the star gives the reply to Kevin Costner. A flagship title of the 1990s, this heartbreaking declaration of an impossible love is in reality the cover of a big name in country music, Dolly Parton, who created it in 1974 in a very different version. No matter, in 1992 the single spent 14 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. In the hearts of Americans, I Will Always Love You remains à never cult.

The lyrics: If I should stay/I would only be in your way/So I&#39 ;ll go, but I know/I'll think of you every step of the way/And I will always love you/I will always love you/You, my darling you/Bittersweet memories/That is all I& #39;m taking with me.

6. Your Song – Elton John

Your Songis composed by the tandem Elton John and Bernie Taupin. When it was released in 1970, the ballad propelled Elton John, then virtually unknown in Britain, to international star status. The title calls out to some big names, like John Lennon, and has been covered numerous times. In 2003, Your Song was ranked 136th among the 500 best songs of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Lyrics: It's a little bit funny, this feelin' inside/I'm not one of those who can easily hide/I don't have much money, but boy, if I did/I'd buy a big house where we could both live/If I was a sculptor, but then again, no/Or a man who makes potions in a travelin' show.

7. When you only have love – Jacques Brel

Among the first compositions of Jacques Brel, When you only have love is its very first success. The strength of the text rests on the Brazilian crescendo which underlines its dramatic progression. Released in 1956, the song won the Grand Prix du Disque Charles Cros and was a triumph à the Alhambra. Its very numerous covers, notably by the younger generation in the 2010s, definitively anchor Quand on n’ only love among the flagship love songs.

The lyrics: When you only have love/To offer yourself shared/On the day of the great journey/What is our great love/When we only have love/My love you and me/So that joy bursts/Every hour and every day…

8. Love me tender – Elvis Presley

We couldn't pass à side of the sentimental song par excellence: Love Me Tender, from the title of the film of the same name, is of course performed ;e by Elvis Presley. The lyrics of this languorous ballad are by Ken Darby. Broadcast for the first time on the radio in 1956 without being published, the song was the subject of more than a million pre-orders, which ranks it number 1 of charts even before its publication. Love Me Tender has toured the world several times, note the remarkable interpretation of Johnny Cash.

Lyrics: Love me tender/Love me sweet/Never let me go/You have made my life complete/And I love you so/Love me tender/Love me true/All my dreams fulfilled/For my darlin' I love you/And I always will.

9. With or Without You – U2

With or Without You is written and performed by the Irish rock group U2. Released in 1987 on the album The Joshua Tree, the title immediately ignited the United States and Canada, where it appeared for 3 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Since then, the song is regularly ranked by polling institutes, as in 2010 where ugrave; Rolling Stone magazine listed it as one of its most popular names. 132nd place among the 500 greatest songs of all time.

Lyrics: See the stone set in your eyes/See the thorn twist in your side/I'll wait for you/Sleight of hand and twist of fate/On a bed of nails she makes me wait/And I wait, without you/With or without you/With or without you.

10. So that you love me again – Céline Dion

Written and composed by Jean-Jacques Goldman in 1995, Pour que tu m’aimes encore et l&rsquo ;album which carries it, D’eux, embody a turning point in the career of Canadian singer Céline Dion. For once, the interpreter of the flagship song of the "Titanic" leaves the qualifier of singer à voice to slip with restraint into a series of exclusively confidential titles, on themes that are most often painful. With this introspection against a backdrop of intimate emotions, Goldman offers Dion the most touching of his albums. Pour que tu m’aimes encore peaked for weeks at the top of all hits, including in non-French-speaking countries. In France, the song won the "Victoire de la chanson 1996".

The lyrics: I understood all the words, I got it right understood, thank you/Reasonable and new, that's how it is around here/That things have changed, that the flowers have withered/That the time before, was the time before/That if everything fades and gets tired, loves also pass.

What are the best love songs in French?

If France has always been prolific when it comes to love songs, the French-speaking charts are even more so! Odes, supplications, fiery declarations, Molière's language teems with expressions chosen to proclaim his attachment in every tone.

  1. Don't leave me – Jacques Brel
  2. Hymn à love – Edith Piaf
  3. Amoureuse – Véronique Sanson
  4. I love him à die – Francis Cabrel
  5. That I love you – Johnny Hallyday

What are the best love songs in English?

With its direct expressions that sound like no other language in the world, English is often chosen by artists of all nationalities to express their passion. What could be more effective than "Love me" ?

  1. Still Loving You – Scorpions
  2. I Will Alwarys Love You – Whitney Houston
  3. Halleluyah – Jeff Buckley
  4. Angie – The Rolling Stones
  5. Love me tender – Elvis Presley

What are the best movie love songs?

Among the most memorable movie love songs of all time, we will remember I Will Always Love You and the sublime voice of Whitney Houston (Bodyguard, 1992), My Heart Will Go On performed & by Céline Dion (Titanic, 1997), She whispered by Elvis Costello (Love at first sight in Notting Hill, 1999), all the songs including the songs ;lodies are signed Leonard Bernstein (West Side Story, 1961), or All I Want For Christmas Is You performed by Olivia Olson (Love Actually, 2003).

What are the best songs for a declaration of love?

The best declarations of love in song often express attachments that are inaccessible or difficult to achieve. to confess to. With Personal message, written for Françoise Hardy in 1974, Michel Berger addresses herself to Véronique Sanson who has just left him. With Woman in love (written by Barry and Robin Gibb), Barbra Streisand launches a heartbreaking appeal to women. an inaccessible man.

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