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What does Laurent Vinatier risk, the Frenchman accused of spying in Russia ?

Accused by the Russian espionage authorities, the Frenchman Laurent Vinatier was arrested. stop &agrav; Moscow while carrying out a mission for a Swiss NGO specializing in conflict resolution and risks several years in prison. This Friday, June 7, Russian investigators asked his placement in provisional detention.

Laurent Vinatier is used to traveling between Ukraine and Russia. This specialist in Central European issues has been working for years on the conflict between the two countries. Employee by the Swiss NGO Center for Humanitarian Dialogue (DH), an organization created in 1999, which intervenes in most global conflicts, with m& “mediation”, the Frenchman went to Moscow recently as part of discreet diplomatic efforts in parallel with the states. 

Suspected of having illegally harvested information about Russia's military activities, the 48-year-old man was taken into custody. arrested, Thursday June 6. The Swiss NGO affirmed that to work for his release. "In no case was it someone who worked, who works for France", defended Emmanuel Macron, advocated for France. stating that Laurent Vinatier, "will receive all consular protections appropriate in such a case". 

Towards serious prosecutions ? 

For the moment, Laurent Vinatier has beené formally prosecuted for having raped a law dealing with "foreign agents", reports BFMTV. This legislation is used by Moscow to repress its detractors. Considered as a misdemeanor, the French expert could receive five years in prison. But the investigators cite facts that hinder the "securityé of the Russian state which may presage even more serious prosecutions. 

This Friday, June 7, the Committee The investigation said. that the investigators asked for to the Zamoskvoretsky District Court of Moscow for his placement in pre-trial detention in order to take a security measure. &agrav; against the accused. 

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