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What does “SOS” mean on your phone and how to fix it ?

Our phones often display many signs that are difficult to interpret. Discover the meaning of the "SOS&quot symbol. and solutions to remedy it.

Have you ever done this? observed Note that your phone may display many symbols depending on where you are pointing. you are ? One of the most well-known signs is certainly the words "SOS". It is generally not an auspicious sign, since it indicates that you no longer have a mobile network or internet at your disposal. proximity ! Indeed, the mobile network displayed  at the top &agrav; The left side of your phone can tell you about the quality of your phone. of your communications. It is thus possible to observe the different available networks (Edge, 3G, 4G, 5G…), but also the mention "SOS& quot; when no network is currently available.

The reasons linked to the appearance of the "SOS" symbol are numerous and diverse. Most often, this is your location which is not covered by your operator. Whether it is Orange, SFR, Free or Bouygues Telecom, the operators do not all cover the same parts of the territory and there is always this what we call "white areas" où the mobile network is not present.

What does “SOS” mean on your phone and how to fix it ?

If your phone displays the words "SOS", this means that you can no longer browse the internet, send SMS or even switch from one phone to another. ;calls. Your phone is simply incapacitated. to connect à a nearby mobile or internet network. However, it is still possible to make emergency calls such as 15 for SAMU, 17 for Police Rescue, etc…

Rest assured, however: the words "SOS" is generally quite rare. If you think that the latter should not appear (in particular because you are in a big city or because those around you have a network), you can try to correct it. ;activate and reactivate your mobile data, turn off airplane mode or even restart your phone and SIM card.

If despiteé these manipulations, the symbol "SOS" If you keep showing up, it's always possible to reset your device. Rest assured, you won't lose any of your data, but you'll just force the process. on the phone restart. To force restart an Android phone, simply hold down the power key and the volume down key for 10 seconds. On an iPhone, press and quickly release the volume up button. Then press the volume down button and quickly release it. Press and hold the side button. and when the Apple logo appears, release the side button.

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