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What does the clock icon mean on WhatsApp and how to turn it off ?

WhatsApp regularly changes its application options. Among the latest new features, an icon intrigues many users, but it is nevertheless very useful.

We know the influence of social networks on our consumption habits. There is no shortage of applications so that everyone can find what they need. But for some time now, one American giant has attracted particular attention. This is obviously the Meta group, founded by by the famous Mark Zuckerberg. The Californian giant's four applications (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger) are among the top 5 applications most used by the French. If he's a Gringott? driven by competition for several years, Facebook is still the most used social network in the world. in France according to Médiamétry. With its 29.3 million annual visitors per day, it occupies first place in the ranking among the ten applications most popular with the French in 2023 . An increase of 6% compared to &agrav; the year 2022.

But Meta doesn't stop there. WhatsApp is respectively &agrav; second place in the ranking of the most used social networks and messaging services every day in France in 2023. The application brings together 24 million users. #39;daily users, 16% more than last year. Data which can be explained by the constant renewal of applications and the addition of new options.

The instant messaging service is upgraded. very regularly to seduce and adapt to the desires of users. At the end of 2023, the application had operated. a total overhaul of its user interface. We can since then have access to current affairs of our favorite channels and it is also possible to create your own community. Lately, WhatsApp has also revealed the arrival of a new button. The latter is identified; by a small icon in the form of a clock on your profile or your group photo. But what exactly is it about??

What does the clock icon mean on WhatsApp and how to turn it off ?

The steps to follow follow to enable and disable the © Nathan Gofron option

This new option allows à The user, if desired, deactivates the instant messaging service. By going to a group or a private chat, it is suggested that you Whether or not to activate temporary messaging. Please note, this option is only active on new conversations. For your old messages, you must select them one by one to modify this setting. Then, the application asks you to select a delay between 24 hours and 90 days after sending the new messages.

Once the option is activated, WhatsApp informs the user of the duration you have selected. The latter can, if desired, deactivate or change the duration of the option to at any time from your phone, by pressing the message mentioning the activation of short-term messages. Pasté After the chosen time limit, messages are deleted from the discussions. The social network defends this option for consumers wanting more confidentiality. and a gain in storage.

Rest assured, he is all à You can deactivate this option by following specific steps. First, all you need to do is open a person's chat and tap the name displayed. up . Then, you will need to click on the temporary messages option and select the last option “Disabled”. ;".  Same thing for a WhatsApp group, but it will be offered to you. in addition to selecting the discussions for which you wish to deactivate these messages.

Finally, we advise you to reach an agreement with the person(s) in your various discussions regarding the issue. activate this instant messaging option. It can be changed continuously simply by clicking "Tap to edit".

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