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What does this sign mean ? Too many motorists ignore it and make the mistake of attacking bicycles

This road sign is far too little known to motorists, which increases tensions on the road with cyclists.

Coexistence on the road between motorists and cyclists does not always go very well. There is only'''s open your eyes and listen every morning in big cities ' time to go to the office. The names of birds are flying around and obscene gestures are sometimes exchanged between those who move around. two wheels on one side, and those sitting in their cars on the other. The explosion of international travel cycling for a good ten years, encouraged by many municipalities keen to decarbonize their streets, has significantly metamorphosedé ;eacute; the urban landscape.

If cycle paths have grown; like mushrooms, just to delimit as much as possible the space dedicated to the activity. For the different users, living together between motorists and cyclists is still not a complete success. Often, points of tension occur at intersections and particularly at traffic lights. When motorists stop, some bikes continue on their way, leading to incomprehension and even anger among the first ones.

However, it happens that these cyclists are perfectly within their rights to "grill" the Red light. How ça ? And yes, for almost 15 years, November 2010 precisely, a road sign has entered It is complied with the Highway Code and authorizes non-motorized two-wheelers to be used. go through a red light. Problem, too few road users know its meaning.

You probably already have this panel. considering if you are used to driving in built-up areas. It is triangular in shape with the tip facing downwards. Its background is white, its edge red and a yellow bicycle is drawn. &agrav; inside. That's not all: small arrows, also yellow, indicate one or more directions under the bike. As with many motorists, its meaning may escape you. This sign, which responds to the name M12, tells cyclists that they must no longer consider the red light they are facing as an obligatory stop sign but instead like a give way.

Positioned on the traffic light post, it therefore allows bicycles not to stop at red lights, unlike cars. However, the cyclist must be particularly vigilant before committing because he does not have priority. on possible vehicles coming from the left, right or opposite. The next time you see a bike not stopping at a red light, still check to see if that triangular sign isn't fixed on the pole before honking. And if that's not the case, then you're completely within your rights to curse behind your wheel.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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