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What if your dog no longer wants to go out because of a video game ?

PB aka “Peanut Butter” © @JSR2gamers via 𝕏

Recently, we saw dogs learning to drive a car – However, regarding video games, apart from a few examples specially designed to occupy our four-legged friends, until then we had not really seen a very convincing example.

This is the perception that an electrician fond of old RPGs is trying to change. He actually trained his Shiba Inu to “play” to a video game in just under a year. Let me clarify right away: the assistance of the master remains essential. The dog “plays” pressing large format buttons (he built a special controller for it) on command – and he of course gets a treat every time.

How JSR_ managed to teach Peanut Butter how to play Gyromite

< p>The game itself, Gyromite, allows for a bit of slowness. However, we notice that Peanut Butter most often reacts instantly and includes different actions such as pressing a button briefly or for a long time. The dog also gives more the impression of being attentive to the gestures of its master than to the screen itself.

However, this adorable interaction between Peanut Butter and his master (who calls himself JSR_) is a real hit on Twitch. To the point that Peanut Butter was this year's guest at Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ), where Peanut Butter and JSR_ did a live speedrun of the game (you can consult an example, prior to the game). event, by watching the video at the end of the article).

Peanut Butter's master is not a scientist or dog expert… but an electrician passionate about video games, and more particularly speedruns, this discipline which consists of finishing games in one go as quickly as possible. According to IGN, the latter holds world records notably in Tomb Raider, Link: The Faces of Evil, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, and The Legend of Zelda.

In a interview, he explains to IGN that he sought to adopt a dog in 2020 after being put on the shelf at his company. Idle, he then spent months reading guides to training a Shiba Inu, before a breeder offered him puppies. But his first encounters did not convince him, until the day he met the man who would become his companion for life.

He says: “I knew this was the one I wanted, I love him with all my heart”. He begins training almost immediately. This made it possible to take advantage of the best time in the animal's development to learn new things. At this point he wasn't thinking about teaching her how to play a video game yet… until he thought of Gyromite, an old NES game that was quite slow and easy to control.

A success… but it took him almost a year to get to this stage, due to the rather limited attention of the Shiba Inus. Not to mention the controller that he had to make himself. One of its particularities is that it has a button that presses A and B at the same time, since the dog would otherwise risk losing its balance.

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