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What if your next MacBook was a “low-cost” model?

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While MacBooks have many advantages, they are not necessarily very competitive in terms of price. This is also the reason why much more affordable computer models, such as Chromebooks, are successful in markets such as the United States, particularly in the field of education. However, next year, Apple could launch a whole new line of MacBooks that will compete with Chromebooks.

As reported in a MacRumors article, in September, a rumor had already mentioned the possibility that Apple would launch affordable MacBooks, different from the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, in 2024. And today, these rumors are, in part, corroborated by a publication by analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who is one of the most reliable sources regarding future Apple products.

The publication does not mention a date. But it says Apple may“consider (but has not yet decided) introducing a more affordable MacBook model to increase shipments, with a goal of 8 to 10 million ;units per year.”

New announcements to boost sales

Recently, Apple confirmed that it will hold another event, after the iPhone 15 launch, on October 30. The firm did not provide further information, but everything suggests that this will be an opportunity for it to present new Macs. Additionally, the title of this event, “Scary Fast,” suggests that announcements should be focused on performance.

If he does not explicitly mention the event of October 30, Kuo explains in his publication that the Cupertino firm would attribute the decline in its Mac shipments to the M2 chip, which would not bring enough improvements in terms of performance. And to remedy this, Apple would decide to launch new MacBook Pros with M3 chips, even if production is still low, instead of continuing to sell the M2 models.

Indeed, compared to the M2 chip, the M3 chip could offer greater improvements on MacBook Pros. And the analyst adds that if even the introduction of the M3 chip does not boost sales, Apple could look into an entirely new design for the MacBook Pros.

Competition will be tough in 2024

But as usual, this information should be considered with caution, as it comes from an unofficial source. In any case, in the computer market, competition will be tougher in 2024. In fact, Qualcomm has just presented a completely new type of PC processor which could allow Windows machines to finally compete with Macs in terms of performance and energy efficiency. And rumors suggest that Nvidia could also launch a similar chip.

  • Apple is currently focused on high-end computers, but it could soon move into affordable MacBooks for increase its sales
  • In a recent publication, the famous analyst Ming Chi Kuo corroborates the rumors mentioning this low-cost MacBook
  • Apple would then be better equipped to face the wave of PCs with Arm processor coming

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