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&What is email verification on WhatsApp for?

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Since WhatsApp was created to serve as an alternative to SMS, it is linked to your phone number. A number is required to create an account or to log in. But now the email service also offers email verification service. For the moment, no official announcement has been made on this subject. But this new feature had already been mentioned in rumors for a while and according to our colleagues at WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has started to deploy it.

To be clear, a telephone number remains essential to register on WhatsApp. However, the email service will offer email verification as an alternative to access an already created account. The advantage of this alternative, according to WABetaInfo, is that it will allow a person to connect to their existing WhatsApp account, via email verification, when they do not have access to mobile networks ( and SMS verification).

How do I enable email verification?

At the moment, we do not know when WhatsApp will make this new feature official. But in the meantime, some users already have the option to enable email verification. To do this (if the functionality is already deployed), simply go to the WhatsApp settings, then to Account, and finally to Email address. p>

All you have to do is fill in the text field with your email address, then start verification (a code will be sent to your address to verify it). On its app, WhatsApp specifies that the address provided will not be communicated to other users.

& What is email verification on WhatsApp for?

Screenshot on WhatsApp

Furthermore, it should be noted that although WhatsApp already allows the activation of email verification, it is not certain that the functionality can be used at the time of writing this article. On the Android app, for example, I was able to check the email address, but the login interface does not yet include a way to log into my account with that address instead of the phone number .

&What is email verification on WhatsApp for?

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Another feature to hide the number

Otherwise, among the other new features that could arrive on WhatsApp, according to another WABetaInfo article, there are usernames. Currently, this new feature is being tested by the messaging service on a beta version. And, in short, this would allow you to contact a person on the platform using a unique username, without knowing their phone number.

  • WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a new system login based on email address
  • A phone number is still required to create a new account, but email can be useful when the user wants to log in when they don't 'does not have access to mobile networks
  • WhatsApp is also working on an identifier system that allows you to get in touch with someone without knowing their phone number

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