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What is Pocket WiFi, the 4G key offered by Free with its Freebox Ultra ?

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The information was drowned out in the flood of new products announced during the conference. And yet, it has its importance. The Freebox Ultra offer comes with Pocket WiFi, a new tool provided “en waiting for the new box to be put into service.

What is this little accessory ? How does it work ? How much does it cost ? We tell you all about this little bonus more interesting than it seems.

Pocket WiFi: 4G everywhere, all the time

Pocket WiFi is therefore an accessory provided by Free while waiting for the arrival of the new Freebox Ultra among subscribers. A welcome solution since delivery times lengthen just a few hours after the launch of the box. For example, the migration from a Delta offer to an Ultra offer is announced for in 3 months at the time of writing these lines.

For new subscribers, Pocket WiFi is there to access an internet connection while waiting for the Freebox Ultra. Customers will not benefit from fiber speed but from that of Free's 4G network with an envelope of 200 GB. Two rather disabling limitations. The 200 GB envelope will quickly be exceeded among consumers of videos for example (especially streaming services). As for Free's 4G network, its quality varies greatly from one region to another. The latest barometers rank the quality of the network among the worst on the market… Suffice to say that we understand the positioning of the object as an 'emergency solution'.

It's a gift!

The good news is that Free does not plan to recover the Pocket WiFi once the Freebox Ultra received. The operator announced that subscribers could keep the box and use it as they wish, particularly for vacations.

Pocket WiFi becomes therefore a 4G modem, perfect for working or having fun on the move. Here again, we will have to accept some limitations: still the quality of Free's 4G network but also a still reduced data envelope. Pocket WiFi will indeed be accompanied by a monthly data envelope of 50 GB per month. So enough for a little surfing on vacation, but too little to hope to overuse Netflix series if it rains during the holidays.

Can we decently complain about it? Not really, Pocket WiFi being provided free of charge and requiring no additional subscription. Totally Free.

  • The Freebox Ultra offer comes with Pocket WiFi, a backup 4G key
  • Free announces it as a tool allowing access to the internet while waiting for the delivery of the Freebox Ultra
  • Subscribers can then keep it, free of charge

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