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What is "ringxiety", this fear of excessive notifications&nbsp ;?

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If you feel like notifications are ruining your life, you're not alone. Figures from the United States, for example, indicate that teenagers receive 240 app notifications per day. As for the average adult, this figure is 144 on a daily basis. No wonder then that weariness sets in.

This trend even ends up affecting our mental health. And this is where the concept of “ringxiety”, created by Dr. David Laramie of California’s School of Professional Psychology, comes in. The latter refers to a form of anxiety that occurs due to these unwanted notifications.

Yahoo.comcites in particular quite glaring examples of this phenomenon. Thus, individuals have the impression that they have heard a ringtone on their phone when this is not the case. Or when you hear a vibration and you can't help but look at what it is in the next second.

Quoted by our colleagues, Jacques Ambrose, psychiatrist and senior medical director at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, emphasizes in this regard:

Constant notifications throughout the day have been linked to increased feelings of anxiety and activation of physiological stress responses, such as the release of the stress hormone cortisol. .

Advice against “ringxiety”

Faced with this very concrete problem, certain measures can help you fight against these deleterious effects. In particular, you can ignore certain notifications depending on your current activity. For example by turning off ringtones and messages from work when the day is over.

It is also advisable to do it during meals and at night. Another tip to favor: put your devices at a distance when you are at home so as not to be tempted. Also reduce the number of applications you use, as they can issue unnecessary notifications, just to tempt you.

You can also decide to set yourself challenges from time to time: a weekend away from your devices, or a few hours without smartphones, to give yourself a little rest. If these techniques do not work, consulting a mental health professional can help you better control this addiction which can ruin your life.

Note that you can consult the tutorial that we offered you this summer. We gave you advice on how to successfully do without this habit of opening your notifications by reaching for your smartphone as soon as it vibrates.

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