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What is the gold scam that is wreaking havoc on French roads ?

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The gold scam may have been practiced for years, but it continues to wreak havoc on French roads, as reported by our colleagues d'actu.fr . In detail, motorists from the Ile-de-France region spotted a crook operating on the A86 near Thiais in Val-de-Marne at the end of last week.

A well-established technique

But what exactly is it?? This fraud is always based more or less on the same ploy. A malicious actor simulates a breakdown with his car on the side of the road. His hood is raised and he seems to be in trouble, so much so that charitable souls are tempted to help him.

The trap then closes on the target. The crook actually claims that he has no more gas and no money to fill up. Fortunately, he has jewelry that he offers you in exchange for money. You will have understood, these are fake and are almost worthless.

Actu.fr also specifies that these scammers are masters in the art of softening us up. We often find women and children alongside them, which can make you want to help them even more.

In any case, if someone asks you to take him to the ATM instead of the gas station, you must not be fooled, and it is almost certainly a scam.

Beware of rearview mirror scams

Unfortunately, this is far from being the only scam currently underway in France in the automobile sector. To cite just one example, we recently told you about the rearview mirror scam.

So, while you are driving, someone will accuse you of hanging their rearview mirror. If the trap works, he will demand that his target reimburse him several thousand euros, claiming that by paying immediately, he will avoid additional costs. We must never give in to this blackmail and call the local police to help them investigate these thugs.

Similarly, the authorities remind us that no insurer will ask « to settle amicably and that establishing a report remains obligatory ». To learn more about this threat, you can always reread our article on it here.

What to remember:

  • The gold scam is spreading in France
  • A criminal made believe in a shortage of gas and he offers to help you pay in exchange for jewelry (which is fake)
  • You have to be vigilant, because numerous scams are being deployed against motorists in France

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