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What is the hook on the interior door of your car for ?

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In a vehicle, certain details seem trivial but in reality hide surprising functionalities. For example, we can cite the hook located on the side of your car door – which sometimes seems useless and which would only damage your clothes. This small metal element, often ignored, is much more than a simple device for closing the door. In this case, it can also be transformed into a versatile and practical tool for certain uses.

Access vehicle roof

This hook located in the door arch can serve as an anchor point for… a removable foot pedal. This accessory, which can be found on e-commerce sites for a few euros, allows you to easily hoist yourself up to reach the luggage rack on the roof of the vehicle . This tip is especially popular in winter, when loading skis or other equipment can be difficult. The same applies in summer when a luggage rack is needed to transport the whole family on vacation.

This foot pedal also provides valuable assistance in cleaning the car roof, provided the hooks are securely attached. This is all the more practical for small people who cannot necessarily see the dirt on the upper part of the vehicle. It’s a simple solution that avoids having to contort yourself or risk scratching the paint by leaning directly on the bodywork.

Other little-known tips

The door hook is not the only part of your car that has unexpected uses. Another original example, the grab handle (located at the light level, close to the head) is often used during tight turns and proves to be an essential support for people with reduced mobility. It facilitates their entry and exit from the vehicle with a secure support point.

Even more original, the seat belt buckle can act as a… improvised bottle opener. If you're careful, its shape is ideal for opening a glass bottle – which can impress your passengers during a break on the road. Of course, you should definitely not consume alcohol while driving for your safety, that of passengers and that of the environment.

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