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What is the "internet apocalypse" this theory studied by NASA for 2025 ?

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NASA is working on different scenarios of sudden climatic upheavals caused by the activity of the Sun. In one of these disaster plans, the American space agency speaks of an “internet apocalypse” which could survive in 2025.

According to her, solar activity would be so intense, particularly during an eruption, that it could cut off the internet on Earth. Although this scenario is far from being the most likely, it has the merit of existing and scientists from the American space agency are currently working on solutions to put in place to avoid this general break.

The Sun at the peak of its form

To fully understand these NASA projections, we must start by taking an interest in the Sun. The daylight operates in fact by following a fairly precise 11-year cycle. At its heart, the Sun reaches its peak of activity, in other words, it is at this time that solar flares are the most common and the most powerful.

Given the current cycle of the Sun, the next peak of activity will be reached in 2025. But whether this will necessarily mean that all human infrastructure will be impacted is far from it. ;be certain. For good reason, the Sun has already reached its peak of activity several times, notably 11 years ago in 2014, but no eruption, however powerful, had caused any damage. ;internet apocalypse.

A very improbable disaster scenario ?

Although very unlikely, the arrival of an internet apocalypse in the coming years excites Internet users. On the forums, users all have their own theories and when they cite scientific articles, they all or almost all take up the article by Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi, professor at the University of California.

In this paper, much less catastrophic than the comments often attributed to her, the scientist estimates that the risk of a solar flare being powerful enough to have a impact “significant” on our infrastructure would be 1.6%.

A scenario called into question

She believes, however, that this disaster scenario, although very improbable, could, in the worst case, be very costly dear to humanity. She estimates the total damage to be around $7 billion. But this report is highly contested by the scientific community.

Indeed, the figures taken by the researcher in her article refer to exceptional solar eruptions, which have not touched Earth since 1859. In another article, scientists have raised their voice against this theory of an internet apocalypse for 2025. They believe that an “exceptionally powerful” could impact GPS satellites. It could also cause transient power outages, nothing to merit the term apocalypse.

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