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What is this accessory that turns the Apple Watch into an iPod (or almost) ?

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Two years after the end of the iPod, some are still nostalgic for this Apple product which, in its time, transformed the way we consume music. And for those who want to own a product similar to the old iPods with a wheel, a developer is about to release an accessory for the Apple Watch that almost turns it into an iPod.

A shot of nostalgia?

As the Ars Technica site explains, this project, called tinyPod, was launched by Newar, a developer known in the jailbreaking community. Recently, he published a teaser video, which announces the arrival of the tinyPod this summer. It is a relatively simple product: a sort of shell without electronics which allows you to use the Apple Watch in another way.

Via a mechanism which is already the subject of a patent application, the wheel interacts with the crown of the Apple Watch. And on the side, there are also buttons that allow you to use the watch controls. According to Ars Technica's explanations, the idea behind this product is to offer something that allows you to control music listening, and access certain features (calls, notifications, etc.) of the iPhone, but without touching this one. As a result, the project is quite close to minimalist phones like the Light Phone or the Minimal Phone, which promise a minimum of interaction with technology, but without completely cutting itself off from it.

Price, availability, etc.

Otherwise, the Ars Technica, Newar article should give more information on the tinyPod in June. As for the price, it could be around 90 dollars. We also know that initially, the product will only be compatible with Apple Watch 7 to 9 with a 45mm case. However, the long-term goal is to offer an accessory compatible with Apple Watch 4 and all newer products.

  • A developer designed an accessory that turns the Apple Watch into a sort of iPod with a wheel
  • The product has no electronic components
  • This will be available this summer and is expected to be priced around $90
  • The objective of the creator of the tinyPod is to offer a product that allows access to certain features (those supported by the Apple Watch) without touching your smartphone

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