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What is this Android update that will make Google Maps more accurate ?

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Have you ever used Google Maps and realized that the orientation indicated on the map is different from your actual orientation?? If so, be aware that Google is in the process of fix this problem via an update that it deploys on the Android operating system. This is not an update visible to the user, but rather a new API that Google is making available to developers to allow them to provide more precise guidance to users.< /p>

New API on Android

In addition to navigation apps like Google Maps, this new Android feature could also benefit reality app developers augmented, and other applications that rely on geolocation or the movements of the user (and their smartphone). Currently, the Android operating system already provides orientation data through a tool called Android Rotation Vector.

However, according to Google's explanations, the new API, called Fused Orientation Provider, allows for more consistent orientation data on different models and brands of smartphones, while improving performance. Additionally, Google says that on smartphones with low-quality sensors, for example with a “biased” gyroscope, the new API will try to compensate.

Available on older models

Google indicates in its announcement that this new API is included in Google Play Services, which facilitates the implementation of this new tool on applications, since there will be no differences from one brand to another. And updates regarding this API are distributed directly by Google. In addition, the API will be available on smartphones running Android 5 (Lollipop) that use Google Play Services.

But for an app to benefit from this improvement Android, its developer will have to modify its code to use Fused Orientation Provider instead of the old orientation tool. However, Google says it has made this process easier. “While Android Rotation Vector currently already provides device orientation (and will continue to do so), the new FOP provides more consistent behavior and high performance across all devices. We designed the FOP API to be similar to Rotation Vector to make the transition as simple as possible for developers,” reads the 'announcement of the firm.

  • Google announces a new API that will allow apps that rely on geolocation or user orientation (like Google Maps) to access more precise data
  • This is a tool that developers can integrate into their apps to have better orientation
  • In addition, this new API can compensate defects in smartphones with low quality sensors

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