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What is this Apple product that is likely to be replaced ?

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This February, Apple is finally launching the Vision Pro, a whole new category of products that puts the firm in competition with Meta in the field of mixed reality. This launch is important because at some point, augmented reality experiences could replace smartphones for most everyday uses.

However, the Vision Pro being a headset and not compact glasses, it cannot be taken everywhere. In addition, its fairly low battery life does not make it a replacement product for the iPhone. On the other hand, if you own a Vision Pro headset, you probably no longer need to buy an iPad. And therefore, according to the opinion of Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, this new category could well replace Apple tablets.

Indeed, its first impression is that the Vision Pro is the ultimate product for watching movies, for video conferencing, and for light computing tasks. However, these are exactly the main functions of the iPad. “My first takeaway from using the Vision Pro is that a future version could eventually replace the iPad”, writes the journalist, who is the one of the most credible sources of leaks about future Apple products.

iPad and iPhone applications already available

In addition, to ensure that users benefit from a wide choice of content, Apple has decided to make the visionOS operating system compatible with apps designed for iPhone and iPad. As a result, at launch, users benefit from a catalog of more than a million applications from iOS and iPadOS, which are offered on the new platform with the agreement of the developers.

Added to this is a catalog of more than 600 applications and video games which have been specially designed for the Vision Pro, and which therefore take advantage of all its new technological features. Finally, as it is a spatial “computer”, the Vision Pro comes with Safari and therefore allows you to use services that are not available natively on their websites.

The next cheaper version

Obviously, since it costs $3 499 in the US, the Vision Pro is way too expensive to replace the iPad. However, a future version could be more affordable and attract more customers. For the moment, Apple is not yet talking about the successor to the Vision Pro (it's still too early).

However, many rumors are already circulating about an affordable version of the headset, with a lighter technical sheet, which would allow Apple to sell more units. For the moment, the firm is not sharing data on sales or revenue generated by the Vision Pro.

But according to the forecasts of a Wedbush analyst , Apple could sell up to 600,000 units this year. Then, in 2025, it could sell up to a million. And these sales could increase if Apple releases an affordable version later. Indeed, according to the same analyst, this new headset could be marketed at a price lower than $2,000.

  • The Vision Pro headset, due to its format and battery life, does not threaten the iPhone
  • On the other hand, as it is a perfect tool for watching movies, for video conferencing and for certain computing tasks, this new category of Apple product could replace the iPad
  • In the United States, the Vision Pro costs more than $3,000, but the firm is already preparing an affordable version and it could cost less than $2,000, according to an analyst

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