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What is this dreaded radar that flashes certain vehicles from 20 km/h ?

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Imagine a radar flashing at you at 20 km/h ? This is the daily life of bus drivers from the company Mobiqué who travel in the town of Sèvres in Hauts-de- Seine. This dysfunctional machine has become hell for these professionals who receive tickets galore in their mailboxes even though they scrupulously respect the Highway Code. This problem has been going on for seven months, and it concerns bus line 469.

They drive at 15 km/h to avoid getting flashed

One of them testified to du Parisien: “ We are flashed at 20 km/h and, on the PV, a speed of 60, 65 or 68 km/h is indicated. However, this is technically impossible, he explains. We stop less than 200 m before the radar to drop off and pick up passengers, then there is a speed bump, priority on the right and a red light just after the flash. How do you expect us to go at this speed with all that ? »

Frightened by this radar, some employees are more hesitant to drive at 15 km/h when driving nearby. Others threaten management with a strike or resignation if the problem is not resolved quickly. Finally, drivers are worried about dispute procedures which can last months with the fear of salary deductions, all for errors for which they are not responsible.

Contacted by the regional daily, the RATP claimed to be following this problem with great attention and to have communicated with the municipality and the National Agency for Secured Titles (ANTS). Contact was also established with trade union organizations to try to respond to drivers' requests and resolve this problem.

Increasingly ” intelligent&” radars ;nbsp;»

Beyond this matter which mainly concerns a dysfunction. Radars sometimes give motorists a cold sweat. To cite just one example, we recently spoke to you about these new machines present on the roads of the Territoire de Belfort since January.

For the moment, they are content to flash speeding violations, but the situation could change. These radars are in fact capable of detecting failure to wear a seat belt, or even using a telephone while driving. Be careful if you break these rules, because the bill could quickly become steep.

What to remember:

  • Dyfunctional radar flashes buses at 20 km/h for months in Hauts-de-Seine
  • The drivers can't take it anymore, and are threatening to strike
  • Radar cameras are becoming a major concern among motorists

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