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What is this incredible robot, capable of building a house in 48 hours ?

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Hadrian X is a robot designed by the Australian company Fastbrick Robotics (FBR). We should not imagine it as a humanoid robot like Tesla's, but rather as a gigantic robotic arm installed on the back of a truck. The latter allows him to build a house in a rather impressive time frame, since it only takes him two days to do so. We can see it at work in this video, and the least we can say is that the result is more than convincing.

Hadrian the Builder

With a total length of 30 meters, Hadrian ~/strong>! Its size allows it to work on buildings up to three floors, which allows it to work on a fairly wide range of residential projects.

Hadrian can work day or night, and the fact that he uses glue rather than mortar even gives him the ability to continue laying bricks in the rain. Speaking of bricks, the ones he handles are the sturdy kind: 60 x 40 x 30 cm, for a weight of 45 kg. It is not fully self-contained, as workers are still needed to feed the block conveyor belt located at the back of the truck.

Hadrian ~/p>

What impacts for the construction sector ?

Obviously, such a machine was designed to reduce costs and construction times. Concerning costs, the estimated reduction is of the order of 20%. In fact, this could result in a reduction in prices for future owners.

However, like any technological leap, the The impact of Hadrian X on the construction sector could be quite significant. What will become of the masons in the long termand what will they do with their trowel, their vein and their hammer ? If the most optimistic envisage that these same masons will be able in the future to supervise this type of machine, others on the other hand fear a reduction in these jobs.

This is the eternal question of the replacement of man by machine. The latter already arises regarding artificial intelligence, but it is possible to also raise it in the face of these new forms of automation. Hadrian adjustmentsat the level of work practices. In any case, FBR has already launched its baby on important projects, such as the construction of 5,000 housing units in Mexico; it is therefore not just a simple concept and is not science fiction.

    < li>Hadrian house in two days.
  • Such a machine could have a strong impact on the construction sector in the long term.

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