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What is this “size” change expected for the iPhone 16 Pro ?

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The iPhone 16 series won't be released until September, but rumors are already circulating about it. And as time goes by, there are more of them. For example, in a recent publication, the MacRumors site relays “numerous sources” which suggest a possible change in dimensions for the iPhone 16 Pro and for the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Fans of XXL screens will appreciate it, because if the dimensions of the Pro models have changed little since the iPhone 12 series, MacRumors indicates that in 2024, the Cupertino company should offer significantly larger iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max big. More specifically, the site indicates that the iPhone 16 Pro should have a 6.3-inch screen and dimensions of 148.6 mm x 71.45 mm x 8.25 mm, compared to 6.1 inches for the screen of the iPhone 15 Pro.

As for the iPhone 16 Pro Max, it would have a 6.9-inch screen and dimensions of 163 mm x 77, 58mm x 8.25mm. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, for its part, has a 6.7-inch screen. But that's not all, since Apple would also intend to use new technology to obtain brighter OLED screens that are also more energy efficient.

Focus on AI?

But it is important to remember that for the moment, this is only a rumor and therefore caution is required. In any case, we especially expect that the new iPhones of 2024 will benefit from software improvements. Indeed, at a time when all the digital giants are engaged in a race for artificial intelligence, Apple is already working on this technology.

And according to rumors, when the Cupertino company's AI is ready, it should significantly improve the experience with Siri. For its part, competition is already active. Google plans to integrate its chatbot Bard, a competitor to ChatGPT, with Google Assistant. Amazon has already presented an improvement to Alexa via generative AI. And Samsung has also developed technology similar to ChatGPT that it will integrate into its products.

  • While the dimensions of iPhones haven't changed too much in recent years, Apple could significantly enlarge the screen sizes of the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max compared to previous models
  • The firm also plans to use a new technology which will make it possible to obtain brighter and more energy-efficient OLED screens
  • But the most anticipated Apple novelty in 2024 is its competitor to ChatGPT

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