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& What will the Galaxy S24 Ultra look like? The answer in pictures

The back of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. © Lemon squeezer

As the end of the year approaches, the press is interested in the next high-end smartphones. And among these will be Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra. This model, which should be released in the first quarter of 2024, is highly anticipated, as it will be one of the main competitors of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. In the meantime, there are more and more leaks on the web. And recently, alleged renders of the device have been circulating on social network X (formerly Twitter), giving us a clearer idea of ​​what design changes Samsung is expected to make.In summary, the Galaxy S24 Ultra should follow the main lines of its predecessor, but while adopting small changes that could please Samsung fans. In a recent post, the Ice Universe account shared alleged images, showing the Galaxy S24 Ultra from the front and back. As for the screen, Samsung completely breaks with its habits by offering a non-curved front.

As a result, we have a screen with perfectly symmetrical borders, which is visually more pleasant. The front camera bubble also seems to have been shrunk, while the dimensions do not seem to have changed too much. As for the back, nothing seems to have changed. We should have the same arrangement of the camera sensors. However, we expect there to be changes to the features of this rear camera.

What's new for the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Obviously, like every new generation of smartphone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra should benefit from a new processor. This device is expected to use the Snapdragon 8 gen 3 chip and/or the Exynos 2400. Either way, the processor will allow the S24 Ultra to benefit from significant improvements in graphics performance and artificial intelligence.

As mentioned in a previous article, Samsung is preparing a series of new features based on AI and in particular on generative AI, which will probably be one of its main new features in 2024. To power these AI features, Samsung will be able to rely on the performance of the new processors designed for the 2024 flagships.

Concerning the camera, the Android Headlines site indicates that if the camera has the same appearance as on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, it should benefit from some internal changes. It is rumored that the Galaxy S24 Ultra should have a x5 telephoto lens with 50 megapixels, instead of the x3 telephoto lens with 10 megapixels. Samsung would also improve the main sensor by 200 megapixels.

But of course, since all this information does not come directly from Samsung, caution is required while waiting for the official announcement in early 2024.

  • While waiting for the Galaxy S24 Ultra to be released in 2024, leaks are becoming more and more numerous
  • In a publication on X, Ice Universe shares alleged renders of the device, showing a new screen that breaks with the curved design of the Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • The design of the back would be the same, but Samsung is expected to make significant changes to the technical sheet of the camera< /li>

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