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What will the Wi-Fi 7 offered by the Freebox Ultra ? be used for?

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Xavier Niel has once again kicked into the anthill of internet service providers. If Free had accustomed us to much lower prices, the fact remains that its new offer accompanying the Freebox Ultra seems much more advantageous than those of its competitors.

Thus, new features for the most tech-savvy among us have been announced such as the promised symmetrical speed of 8 Gbit/s, but also Wi-Fi 7 which represents the future of connection wireless.

A new standard for impressive speed

Of course, everyone knows about Wi- Fi (yes to pronounce in the masculine, it's wireless access to the internet damn it!), it's the wireless communication technology which entered our lives in 97, and which has become a capital importance since.

Allowing us to connect our PCs, smartphones, consoles and countless devices to the internet, Wi-Fi is constantly evolving. The latest Wi-Fi 6E standard will now be outdated with the arrival of Wi-Fi 7.

What is the point of Wi-Fi 7, and how is it a revolution ?

If current interest is rather limited, the Freebox Ultra is ready for a bright future. Indeed, Wi-Fi 7 is the new wireless connection standard that will gradually integrate our everyday devices.

What will the Wi-Fi 7 offered by the Freebox Ultra ? be used for?

© Presse-citron < p>It is estimated by the Wi-Fi Alliance that in 2024, 230 million devices will be compatible with the new standard. The latest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra already benefits from this standard, as well as the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro and the Honor Magic V2. Of course, current devices will be able to connect to the new Wi-Fi 7 of the Freebox Ultra, without taking full advantage of its capabilities.

As one might expect, this standard is accompanied by a huge speed gain, 5x faster than the current Wi-Fi 6 standard according to the boss of Free. In fact, Wi-Fi 7 has a maximum speed of 46 Gb/s. Of course the download speed of large files will be considerably reduced, which is particularly useful given the size of the games from now on.

But that's not all

With improved throughput also comes reduced latency. According to Netgear, latency could be reduced by 100 times, which again will be incredibly useful for gamers. Another expected feature also concerns the range of Wi-Fi 7, which will be 10 to 15% greater than the current standard.

What will the Wi-Fi 7 offered by the Freebox Ultra ? be used for?

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If this is always a good idea, you should not forget that the Freebox Ultra package includes a repeater, which in any case allows you to extend the range of the signal. For this standard, Free is one step ahead, the other operators having not specifically planned to move to Wi-Fi 7 for the moment.

  • Free has just announced that its latest Freebox Ultra is compatible with the Wi-Fi 7 standard, but what is it for??
  • Wi-Fi 7 is the new wireless connection standard allowing speeds 5 times higher than the speeds of the current Wi-Fi 6 standard.
  • Wi-Fi 7 offers also 100 month high latency than current Wi-Fi with 10-15% greater signal range.oint 3

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