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What you absolutely need to know before posting on Facebook or Instagram

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Meta is today one of the best positioned companies in the race for artificial intelligence. Indeed, in addition to the fact that the group plans large investments in artificial intelligence, it also has an immense amount of data to exploit, to train its models, thanks to publications from Facebook and Instagram users.

According to Business Insider, Meta's chief product officer, Chris Cox, spoke on this topic at Bloomberg's Tech Summit event. Indeed, to train its Emu model, which allows images to be generated from textual queries in everyday language, Meta uses publications on Facebook and Instagram.

However, Cox clarified that Meta does not train its AI using private content. “We don't train on private things, we don't train on things that people share with their friends, we train on public things”, he explained . In other words, if you do not want your publications to be used to train this artificial intelligence, they must not be public.

A huge advantage for Meta

In any case, at a time when AI laboratories are having more and more difficulty finding new data to improve their models, having public Facebook and Instagram content is a big advantage for Meta. According to Chris Cox, Meta's image generation model can produce very high-quality content because Instagram hosts many “art, fashion, of culture and also simply images of people and of us.

In April, Meta presented its new language model Llama 3, which positions itself as a competitor to ChatGPT. This model has been deployed on the Meta AI chatbot, on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, but is not yet available in France.

In addition, Meta has also launched a website on which Internet users can use Meta AI without going through its social networks, and without using their Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp accounts. In addition to answering Internet users' questions, this site also includes an image generator comparable to DALL-E 3. In addition to being very fast, this image generator also produces good quality content.

  • Meta talks about training its image generation AI, with posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • The group ensures that it only trains its model with public publications, and that it does not do so with private content or those that we have chosen to share with our friends
  • In any case, having this immense source of data is an immense advantage for Meta in the AI ​​race

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