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What does this little hatch hide? front of your car - it can save you in the event of a breakdown

This small hatch located at the front of your car the front and/or at the front The rear of cars has a useful purpose. that you may not know.

Impossible not to see them. Although painted the same color as the bodywork, these little hatches  are found on almost all cars today. Square in shape, sometimes round, they are embedded in the shields of the vehicle, these pieces of bodywork located below the front and rear bumper and whose function is to replace ;reduce damage in the event of an accident. Barely bigger than a 2-euro coin, these trapdoors are clearly visible despite the fact that they are not in use. the effort made by manufacturers to confuse them with the bodywork. But why are they placed there? And above all, what are they used for?

You may have already experienced this. posed the question without finding the answer. Some see this as the location of the increasingly numerous on-board electronic sensors on modern vehicles. Others see the hiding places of the reversing camera radars but they are wrong! If you've never needed to find out what's behind that little 'cap', that's a good sign. But if one day your car breaks down, it is better to know what they are for.

This small body part actually hides the attachment point of the towing eye, the hero of the situation when a breakdown leaves you stuck on the spot. It is in fact he who allows a vehicle from being towed by another when it can no longer drive by itself. A simple screwdriver or small pointed tool allows you to remove the cover in seconds.

Once the attachment point is uncovered, simply screw the tow bar hook into it – most often stored away with the spare wheel under the trunk floor – to be able to attach the recovered vehicle to the vehicle. to the recovery vehicle. It is a simple, effective and often underestimated way to recover your vehicle. to save the day in emergency situations.

Why then have you concealed so much? such a practical part, to the point that many motorists are unaware that their car is equipped with it? Formerly visible, the towing eyes are now visible. fixed by the motorist himself for a simple question of aesthetics. And their attachment point is simply hidden so as not to make the silhouette of the cars look ugly. Remember that the design and aesthetics of a car remain by far the number one criterion for a customer when purchasing a car. The towing eyes have therefore not disappeared, and fortunately because they can be very useful. You still need to know that it is behind these mysterious little trapdoors that they have made their nest!

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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