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Who is the leading PC seller in France ? Answer in figures


The manufacturer Lenovo is the leading computer seller in France, according to new statistics published once again by the IDC firm. The institute thus explains that it will sell more than one device in four in the country, among all the models that found a buyer in the year 2023. HP is not very far away with 24% market share according to the same source, while the number one has apparently awarded no less than 7.2 million orders over the last two calendar semesters.

Despite everything, Chinese production remains well below the results obtained in 2022. This is undoubtedly the fault of inflation, which continues today to hit hard the wallet of the average French person. Many then choose to turn to leasing, made all the easier when offered automatically by certain premium brands.

Apple; a special case

According to other results published a little earlier, Apple would be the manufacturer which recorded the best performance in 2023, despite the crisis. Probably thanks to a satisfaction rate well beyond the known numbers at Windows. The best example to date is perhaps the new fifteen-inch MacBook Air, arriving in June 2023 and finally allowing customers of the Apple firm to afford a large laptop at a moderate cost. “Moderate” when compared to the price of other Macs, of course. We know that the American brand is often much less affordable than its Asian alternatives, but that's another subject.

Despite everything, let's remember that Macs are still far from being suitable for all uses. A plethora of consumer software is therefore not compatible with Apple silicon chips, which arrived on the scene in 2020 and are considered particularly efficient by global critics. In addition, where Windows Hello has allowed everyone to unlock their computer using face recognition for almost ten years, Face ID is still waiting on Mac. Apple has indeed filed numerous patents suggesting that the technology is on the way for its office machines, but we still have not seen the color of it anywhere other than on iPhone and iPad.

The return of growth, but for how long ?

The good news, whether for Apple, Lenovo or other manufacturers, the majority of the crisis seems to have passed. The year 2024 could thus turn out to be a good year for the leaders of the sector, which also includes the American HP. You just need to consult the latest opinions of specialized analysts to get an idea on the issue.

In the very long term, however, risks remain. A good number of scientists continue to recommend degrowth today for the sake of sustainable development, but industrialists turn a deaf ear. Notice to shareholders: how much longer will such assets be able to grow before the fall??

  • Lenovo is the French leader in PC sales
  • Apple is the company that has suffered the least from the crisis
  • Computer sales are promising for 2024, but need to be qualified for the sake of sustainable development

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