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Who sings in Back to Black, the movie about Amy Winehouse ?

Realized by Sam Taylor-Johnson, the film 'Back to Black', retracing the life and music of Amy Winehouse, is released this Wednesday in cinemas.

Amy Winehouse, her music, her life: the singer is à the honor of a new film, which retraces his career and his tragic destiny. Scheduled in French cinemas this Wednesday April 24, the film baptized é Back to Black and carried out by the British Sam Taylor-Johnson immerses us in the creation of the record of the same name, considered as one of the most legendary albums in contemporary music, but also (and above all ?) its chaotic, mediatic love story. nbsp;and eminently destructive with her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil.

Throughout the film, we rediscover the songs that make up the Back to Black album, flow &agrav; 16 million copies and awards of five Grammy Awards. "I wanted to make a film from Amy's point of view – à through his gaze. It is only in the text and melodies of his songs that we can truly perceive his true personality. I chose to tell his story in his own words, in his own words. based on the songs she wrote – songs where she put her soul & naked. In her songs, she spoke of her loves, her suffering, her disappointments, always with deep emotion and, most often, with fierce humor, emphasizes director Sam Taylor-Johnson in a press release press release.

The songs of Amy Winehouse, played by actress Marisa Abela, punctuate the film Back to Blacktherefore, but a question arises immediately when watching the film: who sings these hits ? Difficult to answer; believe, given the very particular voice that Amy Winehouse had, but it is indeed the actress who plays her who sings the soundtrack of Back to Black.

"Sam [Taylor-Johnson] insistedé on the fact that she didn't care a bit whether the actress could sing, but it turns out that we were really very lucky because Marisa [Abela] sang beautifully: she sings all the songs in the film and she is absolutely extraordinary! explains Alison Owen, the film's producer, in a press release. Press. And &agrav; the actress, who worked on hard to take on the enormous vocal challenge, to go one step further: "it é my eyes to do everything possible to invest body and soul in this role."

To try to achieve à a result é the height of what was the so recognizable voice of Amy Winehouse, Marisa Abela worked on hard: 2.5 hours of singing per day, seven days a week, for four months. "Marisa trained until the end of the year. let his voice be &agrav; even told the story in an emotional way that touched us. Therefore, we know that it is not Amy, but she sings with such expressiveness. let's not even ask ourselves the question, comments Sam Taylor-Johnson.

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