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Why now or never to fill out your Livret A if you want to earn money

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This good old Livret A is experiencing renewed interest due to recent changes in interest rates and economic conditions. In a context where inflation has long eroded the purchasing power of households, the current rate of 3% of the Livret A offers an unprecedented opportunity for savers to preserve, or even increase, 8217;increase their capital without risk.

Since February 1, the Livret A and the Sustainable and Solidarity Development Booklet (LDDS) benefit from an interest rate set at 3%. This increase in the interest rate, decided by the French financial authorities, comes at a time when inflation was beginning to seriously threaten the returns on traditional investments. In February, the consumer price index marked an annual rate of 3%, but fell to 2.3% in March over twelve months. With a Livret A at 3%, it is therefore very interesting to place your money in this savings.

This is d&#8217 ;all the more judicious since the Minister of the Economy and the Bank of France took the decision to freeze this rate at 3 % for eighteen months, until January 2025, by deviating from the usual calculation rules which could have raised this rate to 4.1& nbsp;% from August 2023. This decision was justified by reasons of ’“ national economic interest ”, according to the words from Bruno Le Maire on TF1.

Livret A : easy, practical and profitable savings

In financial markets where fluctuations can frighten even the the most informed investors, the Livret A offers reassuring stability. Deposited funds can be withdrawn at any time, with minimum operations set at 10 euros, and respective ceilings of 22,950 euros for Livret A and 12,000 euros for LDDS.

In February, the French placed no less than 3.4 billion euros in these savings accounts, demonstrating their renewed confidence in this type of savings. With outstanding amounts reaching 571.5 billion euros after a record 2023, it is clear that these savings accounts constitute a safe and profitable refuge for short-term liquidity.

Wealth management advisors actively recommend that their clients take advantage of this “firing window&nbsp ;» to maximize their returns on investments with risk-free instruments. In times of economic uncertainty, maintaining and even increasing one's savings in guaranteed funds is a prudent strategy, especially for those seeking to preserve their capital against inflation.

So if you have a little savings to invest, now is the time or never to fill out your Livret A.

  • With a rate set at 3%, higher than current inflation, the Livret A offers a rare positive real return in the current economic climate.
  • The interest is exempt from taxes and social security contributions, and the funds are available at any time
  • The decision of freezing the rate for eighteen months provides an extended period of guaranteed profitability

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