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Why rental agencies are avoiding electric cars

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This is the paradox: while the professional market is crucial for the electric car sector, not all players are enthusiastic about the measures supposed to stimulate the transition to cleaner modes of transport. Among them, rental companies like Europcar, Sixt, and others, who no longer hesitate to express their dismay in the face of an increasingly restrictive regulatory framework.

A bill from Damien Adam proposes to impose 20% of electric cars in the rental fleet in 2024. A figure which seems difficult to achieve, given that the latter have not on average electrified only 6% of their fleet, to date. However, the text goes further and targets 30% in 2025 and 95% in 2032. In addition, hybrids are no longer an alternative, the text mainly aims to impose electric models.

Short-term rental companies respond with counter-proposals

If rental companies shun the category so much, it is because their customers ultimately very rarely choose electric cars. As Les Echos reveals, the usage rate of these models is less than 50%, which does not really encourage players in the sector to go first. As a result, representative associations such as Mobilians, the employers' federation or the Transport and Environment NGO are offering alternatives.

It must be said that in addition to the low appetite of customers, there is the reality of short-term rental companies who renew their vehicles very frequently, approximately every six months. By virtue of this practice, they therefore request an exception allowing them to display a lower rate on the first levels. On the objective of approaching 100% in 2035, they consider the ambition unrealizable.

In the columns of Les Echos, Jean-Philippe Doyen, president of the shared mobility branch of Mobilians, the automobile repair and services federation, explains: “Only owners of electric cars are ready today to rent a battery car, i.e. 2 to 3% of the market today. This rate should be around 15% in 2030, so the objective that applies to us must be close to it at the end of the decade.” .

Another proposal: put in place incentive measures to push companies to prefer non-polluting cars in their rentals. short duration. For example by bringing these rentals into their quotas.

  • While a law wants to force rental companies short time to reach 20% of electric cars in their fleet, those interested express their dismay.
  • Due to lack of customer appetite, the average is currently more around 6% – rental companies emphasize that it is mainly owners of electric cars who opt for this type of rental.
  • The players in the sector respond with counter-proposals taking into account the specificities of their activity, including reduced rates, and incentive measures for companies engaged in short-term rentals.

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