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Why Slimane can (really) help France win Eurovision

Singer Slimane defends the colors of France & Eurovision with his song "Mon amour".

Can France climb to the top of the rankings on Saturday evening? the outcome of the Eurovision final ? The 68th edition of the European singing competition is being held in Paris. Malmö, Sweden. 26 countries will compete to succeed to the Swedish Loreen, winner last year; with his song Tattoo. To represent France, the tricolor delegation has designated the singer Slimane, who will wear our colors with the title Mon amour.

But can he achieve victory ? France did not win? Eurovision since… 1977 and the title of Marie Myriam with her song L'Oiseau et l'Enfant. Since then, nothing, or almost nothing. Barbara Pravi still offered   France a good second place in 2021 with its song Voilà. By choosing a comparable performance, with a sober and elegant scenography centered on the artist, a great voice and a powerful song, the performance can the French delegation bring the cup back to France? the house ?

Nothing is less certain. But there are hopes. Voilaà weeks that Slimane has been prances in the top 10 of the provisional rankings of bookmakers, punters who specialize in Eurovision and can give clues about the winner of the evening. less, his podium. What had been the case, for example, for the latest winners of the competition. Slimane and My love even rose to the top. the fourth position of the most listened to titles of the participants in the Eurovision on the Spotify platform, with nearly 3.8 million listens worldwide.

Moreover, if the producer of Eurovision 2024, Christer Björkman, estimates in the columns of 20 Minutes that this year  Indeed, the competition is "very open", he assures: "France is one of the six countries that I imagine winning. " And added: "It would be great if France won, it's been such a long time since you won' competition."

Another element that could give hope to French fans of Eurovision, the ranking established after' It is based on the votes of people said to be accredited to the competition, i.e. fans and the media. And it's & the first place that Slimane appears at the outcome of this consultation, published just a few days before the first semi-finals. France & #39; a qualification, being a member of the Big Five, a very very private club. of the largest contributing countries to the European Broadcasting Union.

Finally, note that unlike à La Zarra, subject last year' numerous controversies since his appointment as French standard bearer çagrave; Eurovision, Slimane is already there. one of the most popular French artists of his generation. Since France cannot vote for its candidate, there is still plenty of room for improvement. bet that with Mon amour, he is capable of seducing beyond borders. Especially since on the other side, the competition is not really tough. Enough to allow à France to ward off its curse Eurovision ? There is hope.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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