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Why Sony could make its PS5 Pro “THE console” to play GTA 6

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A few days ago, Sony announced that its PS5 was entering “the final phase of its life cycle&# 8220;. Don't panic, however, since the PS5 will celebrate its fourth anniversary at the end of the year, and taking into account a life cycle of approximately 6 years between each generation of PlayStation, the console will therefore enter its last phase, which should be spread over two years. A period of time which will allow Sony to prepare “post-PS5“, while continuing to support its console.

The PS5 Pro launched before the GTA 6 phenomenon?

And if Sony has already launched a PS5 Slim at the very end of last year, the Japanese giant will continue to manage the success of its console launched in November 2020, while preparing the rest of the events.

In the video game console market, mid-cycle updates have become increasingly common in recent years. Sony launched the PlayStation 4 Pro in 2016, Microsoft introduced the Xbox One .

Also, many people are talking about the upcoming formalization of a “new& #8221; PS5, with the Pro model. And even though some still don't see the point of a new PS5 “more powerful” given what has been offered to us since 2020, this refresh of the PS5 would be likely to revive interest in a console whose sales forecasts have recently been reduced from 25 to 21 million units for the fiscal year.

The other advantage of this PS5 Pro would be to arrive a few months before the launch of a certain GTA 6, expected somewhere in 2025. According to the CEO of Kantan Games: “Sony will want to make sure they have great hardware ready when GTA VI releases in 2025, a launch that will be a coup whip for the entire video game industry.

Why Sony could make its PS5 Pro “THE console” to play GTA 6

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Furthermore, if Sony can convince gamers that playing on the PS5 Pro will be the best way to experience Rockstar Games' latest title, it could explode sales of the machine. In the past, Sony announced the PS4 Pro on September 7, 2016, for release on November 10.

If Sony sticks to a similar schedule for the PS5 Pro, the latter could be made official at the end of the year, for a launch immediately. To be continued.

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