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Why teenagers are (finally!) going to bed earlier thanks to Instagram

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Like many smartphone owners, you probably spend long minutes every day scrolling through the feeds of applications such as search for yet another Shorts video or this latest Reels. A practice which also occurs (especially ?) in the evening, and some who had taken the initiative to go to bed earlier, ultimately find themselves staying up late, because of #8217;Instagram.

Teenagers will stop scrolling until the end of the night (well, maybe)

As for Meta, we have been multiplying initiatives aimed at preserving the good health of users for several months now. Numerous features have been deployed, particularly for young people, to enable them to better manage the content displayed or the time of use.

Today, Meta says it wants to give users even more ways to manage their time on Instagram. With this in mind, the group will deploy “nightly messages”, i.e. warnings that will be displayed to certain users, in order to encourage them to close Instagram and go to bed.

Why teenagers are (finally!) going to bed earlier thanks to Instagram

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Concretely, when a young user (between 13 and 18 years old) spends more than 10 minutes scrolling through Reels or sending DMs after 10 p.m., the latter will see it displayed on the screen. ;screen a message prompting him to close the application.

Meta also specifies that the display cannot be deactivated in the application settings. Obviously, the teenager will be free to ignore the message in question, and to continue scrolling until the end of the night. Remember that the Instagram application already invites the youngest users to take a break from their use every 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

Recall that at the end of 2023, a new complaint targeted Meta, with no less than forty American states accusing in-house applications of harming mental health and physics of American youth.

On the Meta side, we obviously seek to demonstrate to the regulatory authorities that we are constantly seeking to protect minors. It's on January 31 that Mark Zuckerberg (as well as other tech giants) will answer questions from American senators on the online protection of the rights of young people.

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