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Why the advertising of the new iPad Pro arouses general indignation ?

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It was this Wednesday, May 8, Apple organized (in Europe!) a keynote called “Let Loose”, allowing the American firm to lift the veil on its new iPads. In order to extol the merits of its new touchscreen tablet in its Pro version, the Cupertino company posted a promotional video online, called “Crush”, which quickly sparked a very heated controversy&#8230 ;

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The ad “Crush” d’Apple creates controversy

Indeed, the video in question takes up a trend seen in particular on TikTok, which allows you to visualize a hydraulic press massacring objects. In this case, it is creative tools such as guitars, computers, vinyl turntables, tubes of paint, but also sculptures, an arcade machine, a television, audio speakers or even a piano which are crushed by the press.

Why the advertising of the new iPad Pro arouses general indignation ?

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When the latter rises, it is the iPad Pro which appears in the image. Obviously, if the idea was to demonstrate that the iPad Pro contains a ton of creative tools, the feeling is catastrophic to say the least, with some (like Hugh Grant) deploring &#8220 ;a form of celebration of the destruction of the human experience“.

If Apple took care to close the comments section on YouTube, very negative reactions have multiplied on social networks, often coming from creators, obviously worried about the image sent by this spot promotional. It must be said that seeing Apple crush music, painting, video games, cinema or even the arts in order to promote a touchscreen tablet is enough to offend more than one sensibility.

For his part, Reza Sixo Safai wanted to revise Apple's proposal, proposing… a video edited in reverse. On the Apple side, we quickly wanted to react, agreeing (fortunately) that it was a terrible clumsiness. A worrying clumsiness since the video in question, developed internally by Apple, was validated by a large marketing team, without anyone (a priori) seeing the slightest problem with the message conveyed

Faced with the discontent, Apple reacts (and apologizes)

«  Our goal is to always celebrate the myriad ways people express themselves and bring their ideas to life through iPad. We didn’t hit our target with this video, and we’re sorry ” said Tor Myhren, vice president of communications for the American group.

Why the advertising of the new iPad Pro arouses general indignation ?

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Obviously, the spot was removed from Apple's communication plan for the new iPad Pro. Currently, the spot is still visible on the X network (notably through a tweet from Tim Cook which has more than 50 million views), but also on YouTube.< /p>

We will now see if Apple will quickly take the necessary steps to remove this particularly clumsy advertising, an industrial press indiscriminately destroying precious creativity tools clearly not being the best idea to promote a new iPad.

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