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Why the law passed on PFAS outrages environmentalists and consumer associations

The proposed environmentalist law aimed at banning PFAS was implemented amended by the National Assembly, this Thursday, April 4. It no longer concerns kitchen utensils.

Lively debates. Adopted & unanimously in committee last week, the bill aimed at Restricting the manufacture and sale of products containing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances called PFAS has been implemented. amended by the deputies. If they voted in favor of maintaining the main article, which provides for prohibiting the manufacture and sale of certain products which contain it, they ultimately excluded from this ban on kitchen utensils.

Presented by the ecologist Nicolas Thierry, this bill was the subject of heated discussions between the majority and the ecologists, who did not find any solution. compromise regarding the sale of these products. "Once again", the majority&eac; will "have failedé to the lobbying (of the manufacturer) Seb, to the detriment of health of the French. “It’s a shame,” reacted the environmentalist deputies. "We have lost 2 million industrial jobs in recent decades in France (…) Who is going to make us believe that everything çhas “it's the fault of ecology”? " the deputy LFI François Ruffin.

An action plan hereé

The management, unions and employees of the SEB household appliances group demonstrated against Wednesday April 3, 2024 before the National Assembly   Paris to protest against the proposed environmental law. The group assured does not use Teflon in its non-stick coatings and affirms that PFAS, used in particular in the manufacture of the famous poems Tefal, do not present a health hazard.

For his part, the Minister of Industry Roland Lescure insisted that on the need for take action at European level to ban the use of certain PFAS. "Restrictions have already been implemented. été put in place (in Europe) and bans will be advocated, pronounced within a short period of time, he assured. nbsp;An action plan has been drawn up. present and must make it possible to “coordinate all administrations to extend the measurement campaign, to reduce discharges as quickly as possible, to depollute the environment  #39;environment with 26 actions, a pilot administration   “every time to create accountability,” he said.

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