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Why your floor will say “thank you” to this new Dyson WashG1 cleaner

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A few weeks ago, the British brand Dyson, renowned in particular for its cordless vacuum cleaners, unveiled CleanTrace, a new technology powered by augmented reality. A mobile application whose availability is scheduled for next month. Today, this same Dyson presents its very first “floor cleaner“, the WashG1.

Something new from Dyson

Developed to eradicate wet and dry dirt in a single pass, the Dyson WashG1 has a one-liter water tank, enough to cover a surface area of 290m2. The new British creation integrates a combination of humidification, absorption and extraction technologies to wash hard floors while automatically separating solid debris from liquids.

The WashG1 will be equipped with motorized counter-rotating microfiber rollers, which will be supplied with water by a pulse modulated pump, responsible for distributing the water evenly over 26 points positioned across the entire width of each roll. Dyson thus promises the absorption of spilled liquids, while dry dirt, debris and hair will be enveloped by the millions of filaments.

Why your floor will say “thank you” to this new Dyson WashG1 cleaner

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From then on, the WashG1 will separate particles and dirty water at the source, for elimination announced as “hygienic and contactless“. Dirty water is extracted from the rollers by heavy-duty extraction plates, while secondary interior nylon brushes remove dirt from the microfiber rollers and direct them directly to a removable waste tray.

The Dyson WashG1 has been designed with two motors located inside each microfiber roller, which rotate in opposite directions to clean in both directions. Dirt and residue thus remain in the head of the device, allowing easy and hygienic disposal of dirt.

Why your floor will say “thank you” to this new Dyson WashG1 cleaner

© Dyson

For Charlie Park, VP of Floor Care R&D at Dyson: “Wet mopping is considered an essential activity in the workplace&#8217 ;global scale. However, users are often disappointed because their expectations regarding workability, maintenance and cleaning performance are not always met. Dyson engineers are on a mission to solve problems that others ignore, and we strive to meet the challenge of creating better technology.”< /p>

The Dyson WashG1 has been designed with in-use hydration control, allowing users to select the required hydration level based on the type of debris, flooring or personal preferences. A separate button, type “boost mode” allows each roller to be recharged with water when activated.

Available this summer, at the price of €699

In terms of availability, this first Dyson floor cleaner will be launched during the month of August. As for the price, the brand has already formalized a price of €699, with availability planned on the Dyson website, and at partner resellers.

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