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Why your Linky meter flashes orange or red (and how to fix it)

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Since 2015, the Linky meter has been at the heart of numerous debates. The latter have intensified since its obligation in French homes since January 1, 2023. The Enedis system is dedicated to simplifying the monitoring of users' electricity consumption. Thanks to the Linky meter, everything can be done remotely.

Despite everything, some detractors do not see its implementation in a favorable light and accuse it of all evils. Consumers cover it with aluminum to protect themselves from its harmful wave emissions, others accuse it of spying on them, while some users claim that the Linky meter is the cause of inflated electricity bills.

Capable of automatically transmitting data to Enedis and receiving instructions without the intervention of a technician and allowing you to easily monitor your consumption, the Linky meter is rather autonomous. But sometimes he has things to tell you. It is therefore better to know how to decode these messages which are sometimes obscure.

Therefore, it is possible that your Linky meter is flashing. Whether it's orange, red or continuous flashing, what does it mean ? And how to resolve the situation ? We tell you everything.

What to do when your Linky meter flashes?

When an orange or red light comes on, this t's usually never good news. If your Linky meter flashes orange or red, there is no need to panic. Rest assured. But it is in your best interest to know their meanings and act accordingly.

If you notice orange flashing on your Linky meter, this concerns your electricity consumption. When it flashes like this, it means that you have exceeded the subscribed power. So you consumed more than you could. Several solutions are available to you: adjust your consumption to reduce it and not cause your energy bill to explode or modify your subscription to benefit from higher power if the situation is likely to repeat itself.

When the Linky meter flashes red, this rather concerns a planned maintenance activity on the electricity network. Whether it is software updates or other operations intended to ensure the proper functioning of the system. So you don't have to worry. That said, you may want to do some research and prepare yourself. During this time, you may not be able to consume as usual. We therefore advise you to contact the energy supplier to find out more. Other than waiting, there's not much else you can do to stop it.

Things get complicated when your Linky meter keeps flashing . Indeed, continuous flashing can indicate a technical problem, such as a meter failure or connection problems. In this case, it is reasonable to contact the energy supplier or the electricity network manager to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

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