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Will Nokia smartphones disappear again ? The official answer

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The Nokia company left the smartphone market a long time ago. As a reminder, it sold its mobile activity to Microsoft in 2014. Then, following the failure of Windows Mobile, the Redmond firm stopped marketing smartphones. However, the Nokia brand, for mobiles, made a comeback thanks to the company HMD, founded in 2016. Today, it is this company which operates the Nokia brand, thanks to a licensing contract, and which markets smartphones of this brand.

But recent changes have led some media to believe that HMD could stop using the Nokia brand, in favor of its own HMD or Human Mobile Devices brand. As TechRadar reports, HMD recently released a new company presentation video, in which it does not mention Nokia. On the other hand, its site has recently undergone a redesign. And in the new version, the Nokia brand hardly appears.

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HMD speaks on the future of Nokia

In a blog post, HMD wanted to clarify the things. And for the moment, although changes are underway, there is no question of abandoning the Nokia brand.

< em>“You’ve probably noticed some changes here. We are still manufacturers of Nokia smartphones and dumbphones Nokia, but we're getting ready to bring you even more, including original HMD devices and phones from brand new partnerships”, we read.

New strategy for HMD ?

HMD launched by resurrecting basic Nokia phones, and offering smartphones of this brand, renowned for their lifespan. But now, he wants to use his own brand, without really abandoning Nokia.

As for the future of Nokia devices, the company specifies: “you can continue to buy phones, tablets and Nokia accessories on HMD.com. And your current Nokia devices will continue to receive the full support and support they deserve, throughout their warranty periods.”

Note also that the launch of HMD smartphones, without the Nokia brand, has already been announced in September.

  • L The HMD company will begin to market smartphones under its own brand, without Nokia
  • This, however, assures that it is still the company that manufactures the Nokia smartphones (via its licensing agreement)
  • The idea is to offer HMD devices and Nokia devices, while bringing on board new partners

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