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Will your PC be abandoned in 2025 ? Google offers a free solution

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In 2025, Microsoft will stop providing updates to the majority of Windows 10 users. In fact, the end of life of this operating system is scheduled for October 14, 2025. And after this date, using Windows 10 will expose security risks, except for those who purchase a support extension. But the good news is that Google offers an alternative operating system for machines that do not support Windows 11 and which will therefore no longer be supported by Microsoft after October 2025. Instead of throwing away their old PCs, users Individuals and businesses will be able to replace Windows 10 with ChromeOS Flex.

As a reminder, ChromeOS Flex is a lighter version of the ChromeOS operating system (with a few fewer features), which Google designed to run on old computers. And as we approach the end of life of Windows 10, Google is trying to position ChromeOS Flex as the best alternative. And this positioning has just been clarified by Google, in a post published on its blog for businesses.

“[…]with hundreds of millions of Windows 10 devices soon losing support because they aren't eligible for the latest version of Windows, find a way to keep these PCs secure and durable should be a top priority”, we can read in this publication. “With ChromeOS Flex, businesses can install a new system of security and durability. self-updating operation on their existing fleet of Windows devices.”

An ecological disaster ?

In addition to the argument of costs and security, Google will also be able to rely on the ecological argument. Indeed, by replacing Windows 10 with ChromeOS (or another operating system) on their old machines, companies will be doing something for the planet by limiting electronic waste.

At the end of 2023, the company Canalys published a worrying prediction. According to this, in the two years before the end of support for Windows 10, a fifth of existing machines will become waste, because they will be incompatible with Windows 11. And this equates to a number of 240 million computers.

Today, it is clear that, thanks to ChromeOS Flex, Google intends to capture some of these machines, by converting them into Chromebooks. ChromeOS Flex is free, but it is an OS optimized for cloud applications and Google services.

  • In October 2025, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10
  • Hundreds of millions of PCs, incompatible with Windows 11, will therefore be abandoned< /li>
  • But Google has a plan: convince businesses and individuals to replace Windows with ChromeOS Flex on these machines
  • ChromeOS Flex is a lightweight, free version of ChromeOS that receives regular, automatic updates
  • Canalys estimates that 240 million computers could become electronic waste due to incompatibility with Windows 11

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