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Windows 11 is more popular than you think: the numbers

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Did you think Windows 11 was a flop? The figures published by the Windows Central site may change your opinion. At the moment, we do not have official figures coming directly from Microsoft. However, according to our colleagues, who cite a well-informed source, the operating system has already exceeded 400 million active devices per month. And it would be on track to reach half a billion active devices by early 2024.

Launched in October 2021, Windows 11 would therefore have needed two years to reach these 400 million active devices. The deployment of the new OS is slower than that of Windows 10, which crossed 400 million devices in one year, then one billion in 2020. However, the comparison is not relevant, as Microsoft has strongly encouraged the free upgrade of Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices to Windows 10, and that Windows 10 was compatible with a large number of devices.

As for Windows 11, it is compatible with a limited number of devices. As Windows Central explains, because of the TPM requirement, the new system is only compatible with machines launched from 2018. Other hardware requirements mean that PCs with too modest specifications are also excluded.

Waiting for Windows 10 to end

Due to these restrictions, Microsoft's expectations were therefore not high. And therefore, the firm would be satisfied with these 400 million active devices per month. However, as this data does not come from an official source, caution remains in order. In any case, Windows 11 could really take off once Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows 10.

The Redmond firm plans to stop Windows 10 security updates in 2025. Until then, the Owners of PCs incompatible with Windows 11 will have to buy new PCs, or install alternatives such as Linux or Chrome OS Flex, offered by Google.

Windows 12 is around the corner

In any case, while Windows 11 has not yet crossed the billion active devices per month mark, Microsoft is already working on Windows 12. And it could arrive sooner than we think. Indeed, there are indications that Microsoft could release this new version as early as 2024.

A priori, Windows 12 will benefit from significant integration of artificial intelligence. But at the same time, Microsoft continues to improve Windows 11. Recently, for example, it introduced the new Copilot assistant, which is based on generative artificial intelligence.

  • Windows 11 would have more than 400 million active devices per month, according to an article from Windows Central
  • The 500 million should therefore be crossed in 2024
  • The deployment of Windows 11 is slower than Windows 10, but that's because Windows 11 is a very hardware-intensive operating system

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