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Windows 11: Microsoft is convinced that this ultra-annoying ad will (finally) convince you


You have until October 14, 2025 to upgrade to Windows 11. On this date, you will still be able to use Windows 10, but Microsoft will no longer provide support for this OS, which may expose you to dangers or certain bugs.

Succumb to the charms of Windows 11

The Redmond firm has taken an initiative that risks annoying more than one person. According to Windows Latest, a new advertisement has been seen by some users. It encourages them to make the switch if they haven’t already done so. And if Microsoft had already done this some time ago, this time it intends its message to all those whose device can support Windows 11 but also to all those whose computer is not supported.

For the latter, the Tech giant reminds that they are not ready for Windows 11 and indicates the consequences on the end of Windows support 10. It also offers later reminders and compares the performance of both operating systems to convince them. Of course it is always possible to keep Windows 10 but the least we can say is that this tab located at the bottom of the page is not likely to encourage you to opt for this option.

If Microsoft is trying everything to encourage you to change OS, it is because there is still a long way to go. According to our colleagues at Windows Central, Windows 10 still has a market share of 68.36% of operating systems worldwide.

Advertising on Windows, I love you, I don't

The arrival of advertising on Windows is a recurring topic. To cite just one example, we recently told you about this test phase aimed at placing “sponsored” applications in the Start menu, alongside applications freshly installed on the system. The principle is simple: one click on the promotional icon and you download the application in question.

Good news, it will always be possible to deactivate these suggestions. To do this, the user will have to go to the OS settings. To find out more about this initiative which has been criticized by some Internet users, you can always reread our article here.

What you need to remember:

  • Microsoft deploys a campaign to convince its users to switch to Windows 11
  • It is displayed on Windows
  • It even concerns those whose devices will not be able to run the operating system

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