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Wireless headphones: sound goes up a gear with Qualcomm

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Although it is best known for its Snapdragon chips for smartphones, Qualcomm also markets components for connected accessories, such as wireless headphones. And indeed, the company recently lifted the veil on new chips which should allow manufacturers of wireless headphones to offer new affordable products, but equipped with premium features.

While it already offers the S7 and S7 Pro chips for high-end headphones or headsets, Qualcomm is launching the S3 gen 3 and S5 gen 3 platforms for slightly more affordable products. According to the company's explanations, the S3 gen 3 and S5 gen 3 will provide an audio experience that has never been offered on these ranges.

Premium features on cheaper headphones

According to Qualcomm's explanations, the S3 gen 3 chip will allow wireless headphone brands to offer quality sound, intended for audiophiles, on mid-range products. In particular, this chip supports Snapdragon Sound technology, as well as “lossless” 24-bit 48kHz streaming.

For its part, the S5 Gen 3 inherits certain characteristics of high-end wireless headphones. In particular, the chip includes a new module dedicated to AI which is 50 times more powerful. This will allow brands using this new component to benefit from better quality active noise cancellation, and better processing of user voice requests.

“Consumers want richer features and experiences at more accessible prices and the Qualcomm Voice & Music will provide OEMs with a significant competitive advantage and greater ability to differentiate, through expanded access to some of the world's most innovative audio technologies”, says Dino Bekis, vice president at Qualcomm .

Among the brands that will use the S3 gen 3 chip is Vivo. This already evokes headphones with audiophile quality which will allow you to listen to music as it was created by the artists.

  • Affordable wireless earbuds are set to take a big leap forward this year thanks to new chips from Qualcomm
  • One of these chips , the S3 gen 3, will provide audiophile quality sound on mid-range headphones
  • Vivo will be one of the manufacturers who will use the new component

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