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With its docuseries on Jérôme Jarre, Prime Video returns to one of the Internet’s greatest mysteries

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Where is Jérôme Jarre ? This is the question that many Internet users have been asking for several years. After achieving fame with his humorous videos, the content creator launched into humanitarian work. He then took many other public figures with him. But Jérôme Jarre “disappears” after having collected a colossal sum. Radio silence… The subject kept many Internet users in suspense. It's no surprise, then, that Prime Video is using it for its new documentary series.

#LoveArmy: Where are you Jérôme ? arrives on Prime Video tomorrow, Wednesday March 20, 2024. The opportunity to return to one of the biggest Internet scandals of recent years.

But where is Jérôme Jarre ?

In 2017, Jérôme Jarre is an essential content creator on social networks. Known for his humorous videos that he publishes on Vine (the great era!), the young man decides to use his notoriety wisely. It brings together several celebrities, from Omar Sy to Justin Bieber, including Mister V, Zinedine Zidane, Seb, Antoine Griezmann, LeBron James and many others, to help the Somalis and the Rohingyas. The Love Army has just been born. The initiative is commendable and is winning the hearts of the whole world. Two million euros were quickly raised. The Love Army reveals a strong solidarity specific to the Internet.

Very quickly, Jérôme Jarre takes off to carry out his humanitarian project, which has taken on a considerable scale. “The Internet was going to save the world” explains Mister V in the trailer for #LoveArmy: where are you Jérôme& nbsp;?. But two years after the launch of the project, there was disillusionment. Jérôme Jarre is becoming more and more discreet on social networks, to the point of no longer publishing anything. A silence that inevitably leaves a bitter taste…

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Directed by Charles Villa for Brut, the documentary #LoveArmy&nbsp ;: where are you Jérôme ? intends to solve a mystery that has haunted the French Internet for several years. The trailer for the documentary series suggests that the content creator left with the donations collected. But the reality seems to be much more complex.

Indeed, after years of absence, Jérôme Jarre reappears. In June 2022, he published a “not boring” report of all the actions undertaken thanks to donations collected for the Somalis and the Rohingyas. Enough to reassure about the use of these millions of euros.

Thus, the report specifies that the Love Army purchased 1,329 tonnes of food directly in Somalia. This made it possible to come to the aid of residents affected by famine and to help the local economy. Jérôme Jarre's project also aimed to help the Rohingya, following their genocide in Myanmar. The report thus reveals how the money collected was donated to associations to carry out the mission of the Love Army.

https://twitter. com/jeromejarre/status/1533893355561750529?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

In December 2023, Jérôme Jarre returns again and publishes a whole series of tweets to explain his silence and all the actions carried out in recent years. We imagine that the documentary series #LoveArmy: where are you Jérôme? will not fail to mention this sudden reappearance.< /p>

#LoveArmy : where are you Jérôme ? is composed of five episodes of 'around thirty minutes each, available on Prime Video from this Wednesday March 20, 2024.

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