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With its new subscription Ionity offers charging at half price

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More and more French people are choosing to turn to an electric car. If this solution is real good news for the planet (as we explain here), the economic advantage is much more questionable. Already when purchasing, electric cars are generally more expensive than classic thermal cars.

But even during use, the price of recharging can quickly reach that of a full tank of gasoline, especially if you have to recharge outside your home. There are two solutions for refilling the battery of your electric car. The first is to use a special socket, installed in your home.

Depending on the car models, the price of your electricity and the time at which this refueling is done the price will vary, but you can easily go below 15 euros. A real bargain to cover on average between 400 and 500 kilometers (it takes €30 to €40 to cover the same distance with a thermal car).

But this very advantageous price is only available at home. So you always have to come home to refuel. It's ideal for everyday trips, but much less suitable for going on vacation. In these cases, you must connect to a fast charging voucher. Many facilities exist, particularly on motorway rest areas.

A very interesting new offer

Their main The problem is their price. But ionity, one of the companies that now offers this service in France, has just made a very interesting offer. For now, the company offers an inexpensive “Passport” subscription. Against €5.99 per month, it allowed you to receive the kWh at 39 euro cents compared to 59 in normal times.

But Ionity has just revised its offer. The group now offers a slightly more expensive subscription (€11.99 per month), but in exchange the price per kWh is only 33 euro percentiles. This brings a 0-80% charge on a 60 kWh battery (like on a Tesla Model 3) to less from €15.

With this new offer, PassPort Power, Ionity estimates that the price of the subscription is reimbursed after only two charges per month. The advantage for the company is clear, retain customers and compete with Tesla in the electric car charging market.

How to profit of this offer?

Everyone is eligible for Ionity's PassPort Power contract, however, this offer is not necessarily interesting for everyone. You must already be sure to use Ionity terminals regularly. In other words, on one of your regular journeys you must have terminals available.

We also advise you to favor charging stations which are part of larger structures. large. Charging an electric car is not instantaneous, it is always more pleasant to spend a few minutes drinking a coffee or doing some shopping while your car is charging, rather than slowly watching the charging animation on your screen. telephone.

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