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With Windows 12, Microsoft wants to marry your PC with the cloud

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While Microsoft is already banking on AI with Copilot and already has some successes of its own in the cloud domain – whether with Azure or the Microsoft 365 suite, among others – the next major version of Windows could benefit from a profound paradigm shift.

When the firm announced the arrival of a key dedicated to Copilot on the next PCs to arrive on the market on the Windows Experience Blog, the post specified that it wanted an operating system capable of jamming “the lines between cloud and local processing ”. A little sentence full of meaning.

What will happen to “offline& ;#8221; ?

Because this future operating system closely resembles the highly anticipated Windows 12 which could arrive on the market as soon as the month of June 2024. The next major version should complete the great transformation initiated by the arrival (which was then a surprise) of Windows 11.

The firm should therefore review everything from top to bottom to provide an experience adapted to these new objectives. We therefore imagine a system with local processing of certain tasks, in particular certain simple Copilot requests, perhaps depending on the capabilities of the machine. Microsoft says it's working with AMD, Intel and Qualcomm, who have all launched their latest global innovations that unlock new AI experiences on Windows PCs.

How “better connect the GPU, CPU, NPU and the Cloud” which requires outsourcing heavier AI tasks to Azure servers – which, one imagines, could reduce the minimum configuration required. Cloud also means storage, we can imagine that Microsoft is taking inspiration from Apple by offering adaptive memory which dynamically uploads files that you use little in order to free up space.

In addition, our colleagues at Clubic remind us, Microsoft is working in parallel on a version of Windows entirely available in streaming, Shadow style. It remains to be seen to what extent Windows 12 will be usable when the internet connection is no longer available. We hope that hybridization with the cloud will not mean “obligatory internet connection”.

Furthermore, all these dematerialized services have a significant cost, we wonder if an iCloud-style subscription from Apple will be mandatory to use these new experiences.

  • Microsoft is preparing a major update for Windows, potentially Windows 12, scheduled for June 2024, which will incorporate a deeper merger between cloud and local processing, with a twist dedicated to Copilot on new PCs.
  • The new operating system aims to optimize the use of local and cloud resources, in collaboration with AMD, Intel and Qualcomm, to improve AI experiences and perhaps reduce minimum configuration requirements.
  • It remains to be seen what Windows 12 will look like without an internet connection… as well as the presence or not of a paid subscription to use all these dematerialized services.

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