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Xiaomi Redmi 13: the smartphone at a very affordable price

Xiaomi unveils the technical sheet and selling price of the Xiaomi Redmi 13 for the first time. For consumers &agrav; small budget, this is undoubtedly the good deal à grab!

More than a year after the release of its Redmi 12 in March 2023, the Chinese electronics company Xiaomi is ringing in the fanfare return of its range. In a press release; published by the brand on Wednesday June 5, 2024, it is indeed the new successor to the Redmi range which has just been unveiled. to consumers. Sold à less than 200 euros, the Xiaomi Redmi 13 intends to establish itself as the most affordable smartphone on the market. And these technical characteristics are not going to say the opposite.

This is a big first for the Redmi series, this year's new model integrates a new photo sensor of 108 Megapixels compared to 52 Megapixels for the Redmi 12. Éequippedé with an integrated x3 zoom and a 13 Megapixel front sensor, the brand intends to offer an even more advanced photographic experience for these consumers.

On the side If the screen does not move, the Redmi 13 is equipped with a built-in screen. a large 6.70-inch Full HD+ screen, a 90 Hz refresh rate and certified protective glass. IP53. In terms of performance, the Redmi 13 is equipped with; a MediaTek Helio G91-Ultra chip offering a nice evolution compared to the previous generation. the MediaTek Helio G88 chip on board the Redmi 12. It has 8 GB of Ram and 256 GB of storage space that can be expanded to a larger size. 1 TB thanks to & its SD card slot. The battery as for à it has 5030 mAh and a 33 W fast charger. Enough to offer complete autonomy in a little over an hour.

Note that the cell phone is already in use. available on several online resale sites. Its price is lower than that initially planned, as a result of a drop in performance in terms of storage. Be careful though, the shippers are not French and delivery may incur additional costs and delays.

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Xiaomi Redmi 13: the smartphone at a very affordable price

Xiaomi Redmi 13

Neuf à from 179.00 €

  • Cdiscount179.00 €See
  • Rakuten179.00 €See
  • Fnac179.00 €See

    If you want to get the latest smartphone in the range on time, you will still have to wait before the official release date scheduled for the 11th. nbsp;June 2024. The Redmi 13 will be marketedé in France à starting from 199 euros and available in three models of different colors to choose from. namely black, blue and pink.

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