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Yemen's cholera outbreak is rapidly worsening

Photo: Fabrice Coffrini Agence France-Presse A Yemeni child receives a cholera vaccine in 2019.

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Published at 3:50 p.m.

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The UN expressed concern on Monday about a “rapid worsening” of the cholera epidemic in Yemen with more than 40,000 suspected cases since October, mainly in areas controlled by Houthi rebels.

“We are very concerned about the rapid worsening of the cholera epidemic. 40,000 suspected cases and more than 160 deaths have been reported,” a “sharp increase” since last month, the head of the UN humanitarian office (OCHA), Martin Griffiths, told the Security Council.

“The majority are in Houthi-controlled areas, where hundreds of new cases are reported every day,” he stressed.

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Thus, 34,000 suspects have now been reported since October in areas under Houthi control, three times more than a month ago (11,000 cases, 75 deaths) and 6,000 in areas controlled by the government (compared to 3,200 a month ago), OCHA told AFP.

“Intense rains and flooding will further aggravate the situation,” warned Martin Griffiths, assuring that the UN and its partners were taking “urgent measures to contain the situation”.

But this plan “is going to require urgent funding if we are to prevent this from spiraling out of control.”

“The consequences of inaction are familiar. Let us not forget that between 2016 and 2021, some 4,000 people in Yemen, mainly children, had died of cholera,” he added.

The The UN humanitarian response plan for Yemen for 2024, estimated at $2.7 billion, is currently only 16% funded.

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