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You absolutely must forget this bad habit on iPhone (and Apple says so)

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Many people think that to make their iPhone run smoother or to save power, they need to close apps every time they finish using them. Yet instead of making the device faster, or saving battery life, it could have the opposite effect. Moreover, Apple has already indicated several times that there is no point in closing background applications on iOS.

And this is recalled by the Cupertino company, in a support page for the iPhone on how to close applications on iOS. In addition to giving users a step-by-step guide, Apple specifies that you should only close an iOS application when it no longer responds. If you have finished using an application, you should just exit it, but without closing it completely.

A myth that lasts a long time< /h2>

It is important to note that a few years ago, Apple already made it clear that there is no point in closing apps that are not in use. In 2016, according to the BBC, a customer emailed Craig Federighi, a senior vice president at Apple, asking whether to close apps. The answer was “No”.

In a blog post published in 2017, blogger John Gruber explained that this is an important advantage of iOS. Indeed, when an application is not used, the operating system freezes it, which means that in the background, it does not use RAM or processor. However, if the user brings this app back to the foreground, the system can quickly unfreeze it.

“C&#8217 It is so good at this that unfreezing a frozen application consumes much less CPU (and power) than relaunching an application that has been forcefully closed. Not only does forcing your apps not help, but it actually damages”, the blogger explained. It is therefore normal that Apple indicates that you should only close apps when they crash, even if the Cupertino company does not give detailed explanations.

  • Many iPhone users close apps after using them
  • But according to Apple, you should only completely close an app when it crashes
  • A blogger explains that iOS has a system that freezes unused apps so that those -these have no impact on performance or battery
  • Furthermore, completely restarting an application later consumes fewer resources than keeping it open for a long time

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