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You are rich and are a fan of the Cybertruck and Samsung ? Come and discover the special edition of the S24 prepared by Caviar

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Do you know the company Caviar ? Its goal is to create personalized and highly luxurious versions of smartphones or other technological gadgets. It was she who offered this iPhone 15 Pro Max in chocolate and gold for example. It offers very varied collections (in more or less good taste), including a new one called Future.

This is made up of premium restylings of several high-end smartphones, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the Samsung Galaxy S23 and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. For the latter two, Caviar offers a version called Cyber, inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck.

A bold design for an exclusive clientele

Caviar's specialty is not making all-purpose smartphones; it's clearly even the opposite! Here, the Cyber ​​version of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is adorned with a titanium shell, to which some decorative elements in white and red enamel have been added. The design is clearly reminiscent of the roof of the Cybertruck and is strongly reminiscent of certain science fiction universes.

This more than flashy smartphone is also limited to 99 copies only and is really not intended for the average person. This is rather good, since its look is definitely not made to please the majority of people.

A price worthy of the ’ exclusivity

As for the price of this special edition, it remains within the standards of what Caviar usually offers. Be careful, hold on tight, because the prices are steep. Very salty even!

The cheapest version is the 256 GB model and starts at 8 770 dollars, or approximately 8080 euros. As a reminder, the S24 Ultra is priced around 1,469 euros. If you want to pay in cryptocurrencies, Caviar will offer you a 15% discount on the device. The 1 TB version costs 9 490 dollars or 8 745 euros.

The S23 is necessarily a little bit cheaper, with an entry price at 8 490 dollars (7 823 euros).

These prices are incredible, but we must not forget that Caviar is targeting a niche market, made up of people looking to stand out. The company is a bit like to smartphones what Brabus is to automobiles: a preparer of already high-end products capable of transforming them into ultra-luxurious creations.

  • Caviar has released a new collection, Future, intended for iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung S23 and S24 Ultra.
  • A special edition inspired by the Cybertruck design is available for the S23 and S24 Ultra.
  • Depending on the models, prices vary from 7 823 to 8 745 euros.

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