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You should immediately enable this WhatsApp feature if you travel frequently

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From now on, it is possible to create a passkey or access key to connect to WhatsApp, whether you are on Android or iOS. The messaging service launched support for this technology on its Android version in 2023. And this week, WhatsApp announced the arrival of this feature on its iOS application. The news was announced in a publication on X.

As a reminder, passkey is a connection system based on cryptographic keys, which is already available on Android and iOS. And to authenticate, the user no longer needs to enter a password, but just has to prove that the requested cryptographic key is on their device, using a biometric sensor (fingerprint, facial recognition, etc.) or the unlock code for your smartphone. And this new solution is considered more practical and more secure than passwords.

On WhatsApp, passkeys do not completely replace SMS verification. When registering, the user will still have to verify their phone number with a code sent by WhatsApp. However, after registration, it will be possible to generate a passkey on the Android and iOS applications, and use this passkey to log in again.

Convenient for traveling

“Passkey verification will make reconnecting to WhatsApp easier and more secure. We're excited to launch this on WhatsApp and give users an extra layer of security,” said Alice Newton-Rex, WhatsApp product manager, in a statement relayed by Engdget.

And if you're a frequent traveler, you have one more reason to use WhatsApp Passkey. Indeed, if you need to reconnect to your account, but you cannot receive a verification SMS, the passkey will be of great help to you.

“When traveling ? No network ? No problem, passwords allow you to avoid the SMS code”, WhatsApp explains, in another post on ~ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw[/embed]

How to activate the passkey on WhatsApp ?

In any case, if you are interested in this alternative to connecting via SMS on WhatsApp, activating the passkey is very simple. On Android and iOS apps, simply go to WhatsApp settings > Access keys > Create an access key > Continue, then follow the directions.

But the feature may not be immediately available on iOS, as it is currently rolling out.

  • WhatsApp now supports passkey technology on Android and iOS
  • SMS verification is still required for registration, but users can then use a passkey to reconnect to the application
  • The feature is very useful for people who travel often, since the passkey allows you to reconnect when you do not have access to SMS verification
  • To take advantage of this new, you have to go to the WhatsApp application (Android or iOS), and create a passkey in the settings

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