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You will be able to sell your home 10% more expensive thanks to this new regulation

“You will be able to sell your home 10% more expensive thanks to this new regulation”

An administrative document will be modified and will allow à many owners sell their property for more than expected.

This is unexpected news, unhoped for even for the owners. While for many months, the market has real estate shows a drop in prices on most houses and apartments à sales, the trend could reverse for many of them. In a few weeks, the value of thousands of properties will be able to increase thanks to a new regulation.

When looking for something sell your residence, the price is determined based on several factors: location, surface area, presence or absence of ;#39;an exterior and/or garage, the condition of the home with the need for repairs. or not to carry out work as well as its insulation. This last point has become central in the negotiation in the face of soaring energy prices. Living in accommodation that consumes little heating is highly sought after. by buyers.

To know the level of energy consumption of their home, all owners are required to know the energy consumption level of their home. to appeal à a professional to carry out a diagnosis called DPE (Energy Performance Diagnosis). This document, mandatory for any sale, was widely questioned due to a lack of reliability. Some calculation formulas were not suitable and devalued properties with a small surface area. But the rules will change and new formulas will be put in place.

Part of these homes classified G and F (the two letters which classify homes as the most energy-intensive) will be reclassified thanks to this ;agrave; the future method and move to letter E, or even D. This technical change will satisfy owners: with this new classification, the value of their property will no longer suffer a discount of 15% to 20% but only 5 à 10% compared to & a good &agrav; standard insulation, according to a study by Notaries of France.

140 000 dwellings of 40m² maximum are affected by this change in calculation method. In detail, there are 60,000 housing units classified F and 80,000 housing units classified G currently. From July 1, when the new formula is officially in force, these goods will no longer be considered thermal strainers.

As an example, an apartment of 40m² in New Aquitaine, which is worth 100,000 euros; if it is isolated correctly, could only sell for 78 or 80 000€ if it was classified F or G (22% discount). By being classified; E, its owner can hope to get 93,000 euros from it. (7% discount).

A simulator has already been used. été posted online to find out if, by the start of summer, the energy classification of your property will change . All you need to do is bring your latest DPE and click here.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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