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You will have to work longer to be entitled to unemployment: here is the new minimum duration

New rules for affecting unemployment will come into force.

This is a more than flammable subject that will fuel debate for weeks on end. The issue of unemployment is coming back to the forefront and it is not bringing good news. In fact, quite the opposite should happen. The rules currently in force for receiving money from France Travail (formerly P&le emploi) during a period where there is a shortage of money. We do not work will soon be hardened. It will simply be more difficult to collect unemployment.

Currently, in France, you must have worked; six months over the last two years to be able to receive monthly compensation. which partly compensates for the lack of salary. It is still necessary to be able to justify that the situation is suffered and not wanted. Thus, only the end of a fixed-term contract, a conventional termination or dismissal allows you to become unemployed. In some cases, it is also possible to resign and receive it, but many special conditions must be met.

You will have to work longer to be entitled to unemployment: here is the new minimum duration

In a few weeks, the compulsory work period to be eligible for unemployment will be extended. From December 1st, you will need to have worked at least eight months out of the last 20 months to be entitled to it, i.e. two months more than today… over a shorter period than before. currently. The objective is clearly displayed  with this decision: to push the French more and more to êbeing in the world of work. A new turn of the screw. Because before the current terms, which came into force in 2019, it was enough to have worked four months in almost two and a half years (28 months) to receive unemployment.

But that's not all. Today, an employee âg&eac; aged 59 who has just been made redundant can receive unemployment up to until he reaches retirement full rate, that is to say 67 years maximum. This rule could also be modified to move to 61 years old and push the seniors to the next level. work at least two more years.

Always on the side seniors, you will now have to wait until age 57 to be eligible for this. more advantageous unemployment, compared to 53, 54 or 55 years old today. The amount of their compensation will be calculated accordingly. over the last 30 months and no longer over the last three years and the duration of compensation will be 15 months, compared to 22.5 today ;#39;today. These new durations are not yet definitively recorded but Gabriel Attal has already decided announced the main points in an interview à La Tribune Dimanche

New job seekers who will be registered with the company will be affected by these changes. France Travail (formerly Pôle emploi) à from December 1st. For currently unemployed people, the rules that apply today will remain the same and the duration of compensation will not change. not for them.

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