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You will soon be able to do without Apple Pay to pay with the iPhone

The Apple Pay app opens the door à new competitors in contactless payment. Apple's new NFC policy could change the way you pay with iPhone.

Could Apple soon allow you to do without Apple Pay for your payments via the iPhone ? If Apple Pay is the only mobile payment service available to iPhone users, this may change soon. Indeed, the brand did not allow until'here à no other application uses the NFC technology of its smartphones. But according to a latest report from the Reuters news agency, the situation could change soon.

Apple could soon allow developers in the European Union to use its Tap-to-Pay technology. deployed for more than 2 years, in the four corners of the globe and made available since last year in France. Concretely, it will transform your phone, thanks to its functionality. NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, into a payment terminal. You will be able to make purchases from this application in complete security. Good news for European developers but also for users who want to download alternative applications.

To go into details, the European Commission announced: that the American giant had committed itself to &agrav; allow third-party payment providers to freely use iPhone's NFC technology. Reuters reports that Apple's proposal would also give developers access to the software. Face ID for user authentication. It would also be possible to choose the default mobile payment applications on your device. If an agreement is reached between Apple and the Commission, the latter would come into force for a period of 10 years. Be careful though, since Apple has still not confirmed the decision. whether developers outside the European Union could benefit from NFC technology.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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